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Well, we packed up the SUV Friday morning to head out for a 5 hour drive to Woodstock for Fleece Festival only to turn around 20 minutes later after hearing a few strange noises in the car. Nope, no mice in the engine but rather a transmission that was on its last legs. So after much squeezing and downsizing we were able to get everything into a much smaller Subaru. Could no longer see out the rearview mirror (oooops maybe I should not post that haha) or move the seats so with knees up around my neck we headed out – again. I am soooo glad as Fleece Festival was fabulous! and extremely busy! and a lot of fun.

However, the SUV is dead! Between a new transmission and a differential (what is that anyway?) we have decided to wait a while, take a few deep breaths and decide if this vehicle is worth repairing or if we should just look for something to replace it. So, between not having a car big enough to transport all my stuff and a few major hitches in our personal lives which are overwhelming Gord and me, we have decided not to do The Makers Hand Show next weekend or The Nick of Time show in December. I am so disappointed as I have wanted to do the Makers Hand Show for years and finally had the opportunity and was accepted. This is a major show – beautiful art work by amazing artists – so being accepted is a major coup! But when life throws you curve balls…

If you are in the area however, and want something fun to do the weekend of October 31 to November 2 visit the show in Picton. I am sure you won’t be disappointed…


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  1. The three of us from JJ Ruggers who did your workshop are sure glad you made it. Sorry about your car troubles. I am hooking my fourth sunflower and love the look of what I have one with the other three. These things make me feel happy. I have a hunch I will be hooking more free standing sunflowers. It was a great class. thanks to being part of the WFF

  2. Dear Loretta, What a pity about your SUV. Is there no one whose vehicle you can borrow to make it to the festivals? Or maybe rent one?? Seems such a shame to miss it for want of a vehicle. I wish you luck.

  3. If I lived closer we have crv. Hope all is ok.


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