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SUNDANCE ARTISAN FESTIVAL…(formerly Sundance Studio Tour)

WELLLL I have been told! Got a comment on a post I made 3 years ago about Sundance Studio Tour ending, to the effect that I was not up to date and supportive of this show. I TOTALLLLLLY support this show (please note though that Sundance Studio Tour IS no more and is now actually the Sundance Artisan Festival and is no longer at the old location of 3 years ago i.e. Carmen’s lovely home and gardens, but at the corner of highway 36 and highway 7 behind the Fall River Pub in Maberly). So I was not totallllly wrong! But I do admit, that I do not post about every possible show that is going on in the area. So please visit the show if you can this weekend – it is fabulous and you will not regret the drive. Great artists, food and music.

Check out the website for more details. I apologize to everyone! Mea Culpa!

Oh by the way – I am not there 🙂




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  1. Heavens to Betsy, you can’t be responsible for advertising for any show where you are not a participant! Shrug that comment off your shoulders and let those participating sell the show. We are all too busy to go back and ‘correct’ posts from 3 years ago.


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