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And here they are – the pix of the rugs created by our 2 classes – ages 8 – 14…pretty amazing. There were wool strips, yarns, buttons and bling used in the rugs…




HPIM5602and the following pix are the pieces done in the other art class taught by Hilda…

HPIM5603 \HPIM5605

HPIM5606For those of you who have hooked the 2 Fully Wooly Primitives patterns I have carried in the past i.e. Market Day and A Winter’s Day, I now have Spring 1811 and Summer 1811. They have not yet been hooked, although I do hope to start one this week, but if you are interested in info please contact me. The patterns are the same size as the others i.e. 42. x 13 and the price is $50.00. Thank you Joni for sending me these patterns…



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  1. Lotsa talent there! How fun!

  2. Ruby Macgregor

    I could learn from these kids—fantastic talent. Just love the eagle and chipmonks—what precious keep sakes. Love very piece taught by “H”

  3. Hi Loretta, Congratulations on your classes! There sure are some great young artists out there. I thin k it is wonderful for you and your friends to give your time and knowledge so others can learn something that they will enjoy for a lifetime. Hope your well and having a great summer! Cheers, Leslie Koenig

  4. Oh so inspiring and so wonderful, that youth is embracing this craft. We need to mix “sunny seniors” with some young, vibrant people. I fear our craft will be lost on the next generation so am so grateful that you are mentoring and sharing your knowledge.

    Your kindness is so appreciated.


  5. Awesome rugs by those young girls. However, I was blown away by the owls!


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