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I cannot believe it has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted – time just zips by these days. This week Linda and I have been teaching rughooking at Camp Iawah. Last year when Linda, Wendy and I taught we had a class of I believe 7 girls ranging from 11 to 15 years of age. The girls had a one hour class in the morning and then during their free time in the afternoon were able to come back and continue hooking. So this year we had a class of 5 in the morning. Imagine our surprise when all of a sudden 7 more new students turned up in the afternoon!!!! and then yesterday 5 more new students! In the end we had to cut back to a total of 13 students for the week because of limited supplies and space! I cannot believe how excited these girls are – as one of the girls said – it is so nice to exercise their brains and hands rather than bodies!

They are zipping along and I think a few of them may actually finish their pieces by the end of the week. Thanks to a generous donation from our Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets rughooking group and many hours spent by Vince and Gord making frames, and to a friends who donated amazing supplies of wool, yarn and  pre cut worms the girls are able to take along wool, frames and hooks at the end of the week to continue working on their pieces.  I hope to post pix of their pieces – either finished or in progress, later this week. And thanks to Wendy and Linda for their help getting the girls hooking!

So tomorrow I will be away from Camp vending at Karen Kaiser’s outdoor hookin. If you have never been it is a wonderful day – weather promises to be cooler, dryer and not rainy so it should be perfect.

And have I been hooking you ask? In fact – yes! but I decided to try something very different and cut up some recycled sweaters that I had felted and hook with those and a recycled blanket and I am totally amazed at how wonderfully they hook up. So later this week I hope to post pix also of what I have done.

In the meantime, Heather sent me a picture of her first completed piece – wonderful texture in this seagull!Image

And Nancy sent me a picture of a wonderful Carol Feeney pattern that she hooked:

Image 3


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  1. It’s nice to know that the young ones are wanting to learn rug hooking. Hopefully they will take it with them and become great hookers.

    The above rugs are great and I cannot wait to see the students rugs and yours with the recycled clothing and blanket.

    Great job!

  2. How wonderful to get young people ‘hooked’ on our craft & how generous of you to be so giving of your time & expertise. Have a great time at Karen Kaiser’s. Unfortunately I will miss it this year, but what a wonderful day it is! Nancy

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  3. What talented young ones!! Love them both. You folks up in CAland are so active!! Wish I was closer to what you all have at hand!! I await your new endeavor!


    Hi Loretta,

    I love you blog and the pictures are all wonderful.

    I would like to respond to an earlier post – that is June 11/2014 – Post Lac Sam – and I hope you have a minute to respond.

    On this post there is a picture of a black cat that Betty is hooking. I would like to know what wool or yarn she is using to hook this fluffy cat?
    I would be grateful if you or Betty would let me know.

    Thanks and I hope someday to be able to attend one of your events.

  5. Elizabeth Worrall

    Thrilled to hear that a new generation is ” hooked”. What a tremendous success! At last a good use for worms at summer camp…… I always squirmed when asked to bait a hook.
    Have a GREAT time at Karen’s ,it is guaranteed to be a wonderful day.
    p.s. To all my wonderful Hooking buddies. I’m safely arrived here in Alberta and move in to my little house this week-end. I can’t wait to get back in the LOOP. Love & Misses!!

  6. Where is Camp Iawah? Sounds like fruitful territory. I love the lizards! Was this done by a beginner?
    Linda on the Rock

  7. These rugs are amazing. Thrilling to hear of younger girls hooking.
    I am in NL at the moment. Have I had a great time visiting rug hooking studios a and museums. The Grendel mission has gorgeous rugs for sale. Hard to resist them.
    Enjoy hook in at Karen’s

    • Trish, where are you in NL and how long are you staying? I am a hooker on the Burin Peninsula, and if you are nearby I`m always open to meeting travelling hookers. BTW, that`s GRENFELL Mission, named after Sir Wilfrid Grenfell.
      my phone is 709 873 2344 and email is
      Linda on the Rock

      • Linda, sorry for typo for Grenfell. We are in deer lake over night then on to Twillingate for two nights, Trinity Bay for two nights then five nights in St, John’s. Where is the Burin Peninsula?

      • Dear Trish, The Burin Peninsula is the boot shaped one on the South Coast. I live in st. Lawrence, right on the heel of the boot. Sounds like you have a pretty full itinerary. Where do you live when you are at home. Is this your first trip to the Rock?
        Linda on the Rock

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