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What a day. We all arrived prompt and early with wayyyyyy too many goodies in hand and Betty quickly got us to work on our braiding. By about 11:30 we had accomplished hmmmm well actually  quite a bit and by the end of class at 3:30 either some of us were totally done (overachievers!) or almost done!

It was a fun day with lots of wonderful samples of braided rugs and hooked rugs with braided edges and tons of info and help from our great teacher Betty. Even got instructions on how to butt my ends! but mostly we focused on making a circular table mat. Betty did try to challenge us to do a twelve strand braided rug – hmmmm – maybe not!

Anne, Karen, Me, Betty(not the teacher Betty but the other Betty), Sandi and seated Betty (our teacher) and Louise. Photographer – Liz…


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  1. What a braidy bunch!

  2. And y’all got ‘ROUND TO-ITS’!
    Nice flat work, ladies.

  3. You all look so happy! I miss not living near all of you! Kathy


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