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and FIVE DAYS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO JOIN THE BRAID – AGAIN! You would think that after doing this 3 times I would remember but each time seems like the first time. But it is done! My little paisley rug (design is part of the big Abstract Paisley by Karla Gerard). And it will look so good on the vintage blue table (which needs a bit of TLC and a good wax job to antique it a bit).


This Thursday I am taking a braiding class with Betty Gill – and I hope to learn HOW TO BUTT MY ENDS! without creating a big bump or spending so much time trying to figure it out.

Yesterday was a wonderful but somewhat breezy day – I finally was able to spend the afternoon on the pontoon boat. We floated – sometimes buffeted by heavy breezes – and I hooked. Three hours of hooking! Have not done that in a long time! Today rain – which is fine. Means I don’t have to spend the day weeding! and can plan out my next hooking project…

Hope you are all getting in some wonderful hooking time…



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  1. Claire Quinn

    Hi Loretta….. Your mat is beautiful. I love the soft colours & your braided edges. Does Betty Gill give braiding lessons on a regular basis? I’d like to take one of her classes too. I’ll be in Norwood, Ont. sometime in August this year; haven’t set a date yet. Thanks for any information.

  2. Nancy Crapper

    Love the paisley. I bought a small 16 X 16 pattern from you at the Westport hookIn. It is going to cover my daughter-in-law’s chair. Should be great! The braiding looks great. Like it! Nancy

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  3. Marjorie Duizer

    no matter how many times I do the butting of the braids, it still causes me to stop and think (in a quiet room) but in the end it’s worth it

  4. Della Ann Hill

    Love your interpretation of the paisley; so soft ! Braiding does require thoughtful time but as mentioned the result is so worht it !

  5. Chris and Harrie Van Hees

    HI Do I ask the stupid question how did you braid it? Just love the look of it! christine

  6. Its beautiful, braiding is on my list to do.

  7. Loretta – your rug is beautiful , especially with the braiding!!!! I love the soft colours that you chose. Good luck with your blue table- Boydie’s hobby was restoring old furniture!


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