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The last 2 days have been soooo lovely – we finally got rain, the weather cooled down tremendously, no humidity (well except for the rain!!). So yesterday, in between dyeing up pots of wool, I decided it was time to hit the gardens and weed. Well, as I was yanking weeds I remembered how much I LOVE GREEN and it is a darned good thing because momma deer has cropped off almost every bud or just cropped back the leaves till only mini stalks are left! Wish she could learn the difference between weed and flower and just eat the weeds! So, I will have gardens of green! with bits of purple thrown in because hmmm she does not like anything that is scented so lavender, sage, salvia all seem to survive her mealy time. However, this is who appeared at the bottom of the front steps 2 days ago and I realized quickly that a few missing flowers are worth it: Image

And while I am posting pix here are a few more from the Westport hookin and Glengarry Museum (please mark your calendars – we have booked the same location and same Tuesday in 2015 for our Westport Hookin – more info will follow closer to the date):


Image 2

Oh darn, you caught me!!!Image 3

Jocelyn, a fabulous hooker from Montreal…Image 4

See that guy on the right – HE’S the one who got me hooked – Tony Latham. Helen, in the middle, introduced me to Tony and that was the beginning of my obsession and addiction!…Image 5

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  1. Nancy Crapper

    Marked it on my calendar too! Will be there! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  2. Just a quick note to let U know that people do read your E mails and enjoy your pics. I LOVE getting them. Keep up the great job !

    Sent from Cheryl’s IPad


  3. Della Ann Hill

    I am so looking forward to Westport 2015!!!

  4. Saundra Porter

    Loved the picture of the fawn. I love the deer who visit my yard and get absolutely no hooking done since I follow them from inside my house. And also enjoyed your hooking pics too.



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