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is looking for a home. Hamish was a stray kitten and is currently being fostered by Margot who already! has a few cats of her own. He has lived indoors for 5 – 6 weeks and is totally at ease with humans and loves attention. He is so sweet and much as I would love to have him – I have 4 already! If anyone local is looking for a darling little kitten please let me know and I can put you in touch with Margot:


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  1. I just found a home for a gorgeous gray kitty. Good luck! He is darling!!

  2. SOOOO sweet! Sorry I can’t help you, I live quite a distance from you.

  3. Saundra Porter

    Hope that adorable feline find a new furever happy home.


  4. That face is pretty hard to resist. My allergies mitigate against taking this precious little bundle.
    good luck with finding a home.

  5. OMG! We live in Virginia! We have an indoor cat that would love to take him in, but alas, it is a bit too far!! Hopefully someone will take him, he is adorable!

  6. Deborah Schryer

    Maybe contact Farthing Cat Rescue run by a friend of mine, Anne Rettie (, close to Almonte. She has a network of folks who can help place cats. This little guy is beyond adorable and needs a home!

  7. It’s amazing how some people seem to attract kittens and cats. The only ones I have had over the years have appeared on my doorstep and informed me I am now responsible for their continued existence. But living in north Florida, that is a bit of a drive to get a kitten when our shelters are overflowing with so many disposed felines.

  8. Betty Welsford

    I wish, I wish I could have him but too much travelling for a cat and John is allergic to cats! Betty


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