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This weekend I am off to the Glengarry Musuem in Dunvegan (north of Cornwall). They are hosting a Quilt, Hooked Rug and Fibre festival with displays, demos and vendors of all things fibre.  Should be a lot of fun. If you need more info please  check out

Diane, one of my visitors this past weekend, brought along a piece she had hooked which we turned into a hanging wall pocket. Don’t know the designer but this piece is sooooo cute and turned out really well. So this fall it will hang on the wall or a door filled with fall foliage and pip berries and mini punkins!



Image 14


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  1. Joanna Turchin

    This is so cute!

  2. I love the pumpkin bag, and would like to know the designer. If u could find out, so I could order it, I’d be a happy woman!

  3. Linda Henderson

    See you at the museum!

  4. Terry Sweitzer

    HI Loretta,

    We just finished setting up and you have two 8 foot tables and if you wanted to bring one little one there is probably room for it as well. I thought you were going in the Roxborough Hall but you are now in the school house. Do you have anything to cover the tables as they aren’t the most attractive. If not I could put some burlap on them.

    I forgot to mention that you don’t need sheets and towels but thanks for offering. Obviously someone who has lots of company.

    The little museum is looking very festive and the weather is hopefully going to hold although a little warn.

    See you in the morning.


  5. Sooooo cute! I would love to find out more about this adorable pocket also! Thank you so much for sharing!! Linda


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