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Just a reminder for those who are registered for the First (hopefully annual) Westport hookin… Looks like we may have some good weather  in which case those on the waiting list are sooooo welcome as we have 2 lovely roofed over outdoor decks overlooking the beach. Here are the details – please note the location as the hookin is NOT at my house 🙂 Really looking forward to seeing everyone who can attend…

Westport Hook-In June 24th, 2014

9:30- 3:00

Westport Lions Beach Club

63 Mountain Rd. Westport, Ont.

Hosted by Carol Shewan & Loretta Moore

Join us for a day of hooking, shopping and socializing.

We will have tea,coffee,snacks and door prizes.

Bring your lunch.

There will be tables and chairs inside but bring a lawn chair if you would like to hook by the lake or on the deck.

Cost $5.00


Loretta Moore-Hooked on the Lake

Carol Shewan-Willow Creek Rug Supplies

Cathy Ivory- Baa Baa Bundles

Please RSVP to to reserve a spot.

*vendors accept cash or cheques

Well Porky has not been back for 2 days to chow on the steps but the deer have eaten every rudbeckia, day lily bud, hosta and, new for this year – waterlily flowers and pads. Yup thats right – we caught them in the pond! and the map and snapping turtle are living in the pond and excavating our driveway and the big rat snake has decided she likes her new home in our rocks! Two dead mice and one live baby so maybe allll gone hopefully finally maybe!!!!! Ahhhhh living in the country is just sooooo much fun!!!

Susan sent me a picture of her completed Holly Hill Designs rug – check the background. She mixed a bunch of darks to get a beautiful interesting “black” background:

Image 1



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  1. Nancy Crapper

    Looking forward to the hookIn. See you a Tues! Nancy

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  2. Della Ann Hill

    Love the basket of flowers, beauifully hooked!
    Really looking forward to Tuesday
    Della Ann


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