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That is how the last week and a half seem to me. Seems I was just packing up for Lac Sam and wow I have been and come home and left for Waterloo for 4 days and back and Westport Heritage Days is behind me and today my good friend Odette and hubby Robert arrive (along with theeeeee most delicious, decadent carrot cake ever!). While in Waterloo I was invited to vend at the M E Critchlow Guild hookin at the Poplar Hills Picnic Grounds. Wellllll, at first I was a little concerned as weather forecasts were for 29 degrees (celcius which translates into 86 F), humidity and 90% chance of thunderstorms! Hmmmm I thought – an outdoor picnic under trees in a thunderstorm! But as usual those forecasters had it wrong – it was cool and no rain! So a perfect day for hooking in the park – well rughooking! Met up with a lot of ladies I had not seen in a while and had a fun fun day. Only got one picture though of the hookers hard at work!


Yesterday was Heritage Days (well day) in Westport. Live music, food and some great vendors of arts and crafts. But once again those forecasters got it wrong – the warm temperatures never materialized – we had cool, damp (well actually darned cold!) weather and rain started JUST as I was packing up. But  that did not stop the people from coming – spoke with hookers from Coburg, Kingston, Ottawa and visitors from as far away as BC! (no they didn’t actually come all the way to Westport just for our Heritage Day :-))… So another fun day.

Now did I do much hooking – nope! But I did get an email from Sue with a picture of her Pineapple Tablerunner finished (this was a pattern I did for A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine a few years ago). Sue added tongues to the edge of her runner – I love the finish…Image

And what have I been up to – welllll fighting the invasion of the porcupine! My trick of staining the steps does not seem to have worked – Mr. P. has been making his way back to our front steps almost every night to chow down. Last night our neighbours – who suffered through many porky visits last summer  – called us positively giddy to report that they had just seen Mr. P. waddling pretty darned fast past their house on a mission! He was on his way to the Moores to nibble on some juicy front steps again. Welllll that wasn’t happening! so out I went to cover the stairs with a big tarp and rocks to hold it down – but to no avail. Mr. P. decided,  hmmmm the ends of the steps taste just as good as the  middle! So, next trick will be to line the driveway of our neighbours place with little signs directed at Mr. P. telling him they have a lot more wood at their place than we do and it tastes much much better!


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  1. Nancy Crapper

    Was there myself. Where were you? Didn’t see you on the street. Maybe you were in the Museum. Didn’t go in. Our son was playing in the band on the street. But you are right – nasty weather! Nancy PS: see you at the hook in!

    Sent from Nancy’s iPad


  2. Adding this to the lists of why I like north Florida — No porcupines! Saw too many dogs who had tangled with them on “The Incredible Doctor Pol.” Of course we do have to worry about armadillos and racoons, oh and occasional black bear.

  3. LOL
    If the signs work for the porcupine, let me know.
    Otherwise, try out a product called “Critter Ritter”.
    You just sprinkle this product around the area you wish to keep “critters” from crossing.
    Works well.
    We had a racoon that was looking to nest in our garage. The Critter Ritter prevented his return. Needless to say, we were pleased about that.
    Good Luck!


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