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I am soooooooo happy – dock is in, old fogey boat is tied up beside the dock and I went for my first swim of the season and almost had a heart attack as my body hit the icy waters of Wolfe Lake!  I don’t know what the temperature was but oh my – let’s say it was REFRESHING! But it didn’t stop me from jumping in a second time! Yesterday it rained almost all day but this morning I had my first coffee on the dock in my pj’s, thick wooly socks, heavy sweatshirt. Lasted all of about 10 minutes! Bloody windy and cold! But this afternoon while Gord is off golfing I may just have to make my way back down there – book and hooking and tea in hand!

This is our LAC SAM HOOKERS RETREAT WEEKEND. A bunch of us have been getting together at Louise’s cottage(s) for many years now for a weekend of laughter, friendship and eating – oh yes and a bit of hooking! It is something we look forward to every year. This year we will miss a few of our good friends who cannot come but we will think of them as we eat their share of the food! So next week I hope to have pix to share of the rugs etc. in progress and finished! In the meantime, though, here are a few for your viewing pleasure:

Cathy’s wide cut rug – finished:


Ruby’s Deanne Fitzpatrick patterns of the month:
Image 1


My DF sheep rug – finished and in need of framing by Vince:HPIM5513



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  1. You are some kind of crazy!!!!


  3. Eric Allerton

    Hi lorretta,, love your posts and your positive chats,, thanks enjoying them very much,, also love the pics!,, your pics of the annual were wonderful,, Just wanted u to know how much I enjoy them,,, elaine


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