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Apparently Linda Low designed and hooked the She Seeketh that was displayed at the rug show so it is not a commercial pattern. But Lisa found a rughooking pattern that was close to the rug that Cindy was looking for and it can be found here …

Cheryl is looking for the designer and hooker of the beautiful Blue Bird rug – can anyone help?

Julie thinks that the funky punkin head rug was designed and hooked by Debbie Ballard.

and NOWWWWW I am heading down to the dock! Coffee in hand! yes yes – the dock is in and the weather is beautiful and I am off to play hooky (not hooking though)…

Ann sent me her picture of her finished Scrappy Sheep rug which turned out really well:



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  1. Thanks Loretta for your help in finding the She seeketh pattern. I like the pattern but don’t like the way it is worded, might be able to get her to word it differetly for me. Many thanks!!

    • Dear Cindy, If you are referring to my Prov. mat, I am a King James version of the Bible girl. There are other versions out there. Not a problem. I am using JAN Lord`s computer and I don`t want to screw up anything for her. Pls. feel free to contact me directly at
      Blessings, Linda Low

  2. Laura B. says it is Debbie’s design..Laura did her pumpkin..Laura loves hallowe’en!!

  3. Trish Strung

    Love this sheep design

  4. I have just heard from Linda Sullivan who said that Debbie Ballard did design the pumpkin head rug. The oak leaf rug was designed by the person who hooked it. Is the Blue Bird one the one in the frame—not that I know who hooked it or designed it but I loved it! It is a lovely day today to do nothing but enjoy!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to post so many rug pictures. It is so much fun seeing them.
    Happy hooky ~ even though it’s not hooking.
    Hugs 🙂


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