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Karen is looking for the designer of this cute rug Keep Still … If anyone knows please let us know… Unfortunately the names of the hookers and designers were all on a list in front of each display so I am hoping someone recognizes either their rugs or the designs for those who are interested in purchasing these patterns  (3 listed today)…


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  1. I love the bunny and bird!! Do you know how to pin on Pinterest from your blog? I have seen some rugs from Hooked on the Lake on Pinterest.

  2. The rabbit rug is another rug that made me smile. I am wondering if it is possible to get the info from OHCG? Probably not. But it this one turns up maybe you could post it as well? Thanks a bunch.

  3. jan rutledge

    Any idea if the bunny/bird in snow, “Keep still Santa’s coming,” is available as a pattern or was an original design? (I also asked in the earlier posting.)

  4. I may have missed the info. But would really Ike to know about the Christmas rabbit ?. Hold still Santa is coming


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