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So we now know that the Fish pattern is available through Spruce Ridge Studio and the Rose pattern is available through Honey Bee Hive rugs. NOWWWWW the question is who is the designer of the weathervane rug pattern in this picture? If anyone knows please let ME know so I can pass the info along…


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  1. Della Ann Hill

    I actually think it might be Pam Langdon’s weather vane. Was that by any chance the teachers display?

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  2. Hi Loretta,

    I think Pam Langdon designed the weathervane rug. Isn’t it great!

    I love your blog. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I was at the annual and I’m still seeing ones I missed in your pics. How does that work?!

    All the best, Erin Ryan

    • Oh Erin I AM SEEING ONES in my pix that i did not see!!! figure THAT one out… Thank you and Della Ann for the info about the weather vane Yes I believe it was in the teachers display I will email Pam…


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