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Actually it is Sandi’s Rabbit (pattern by Heavens to Betsy) that she hooked in the wide cut(torn) class with Karen Kaiser – finished up as a sweeeeet pillow:Image 1 And Wendy’s little wool appliqué mat – zoom in if you can to see the detail…Image

Around here not many critters – well a few garter snakes slithering around in the gardens as I try to work and a porcupine who has once again decided he likes our steps! I think! it may be because we sprinkle salt on them in the winter to deice them and he likes salt – well! yesterday we sanded down one set of stairs and I restained them because I KNOW he does not like the flavour of stain! Well no porky overnight chowing down on the stairs!

This is the weekend of the rughooking annual show put on by the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild in Oshawa this year. I am so excited – although I am not going as a vendor this year, I AM going to see the rugs on Sunday with Gord and Wendy and Vince. We are leaving REALLLLLLY early and on the way back we are hitting every antique store along the way – well according to Wendy who has the list! So not only will we be viewing probably over 400 inspirational rugs but we will top off the day with a little junkin’.




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  1. Sweet pieces!
    Lovely work….

  2. If you gave me that vintage chalk painted table you scored last weekend my little stitched piece would look smashing on it!

  3. Ruby Macgregor

    Brats!! You get to do everything!! We will arrive about 11o’c but NO junking after. Keep us posted with what you got. Ruby

  4. Louis Sirois

    What an amazing rabbit! Did you receive my cheque yet, sent a few days ago? Joanna

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Della Ann Hill

    I love Wendy’s wool appliqué table mat! Is that a kit? If so where can I get one?


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