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So for those who do not believe!!! I actually pick up wildlife here is the latest – a palm sized snapping turtle. How old does a snapper have to be to lay eggs – who knows but this little one was thinking she was old enough and was on her way to finding a nice warm sandy site (I believe) and was in the middle of our gravel road. That was NOT a good spot to pick for sunning or egg laying so we moved her. It’s amazing how strong even the little tiny legs were as she struggled to get free. Now someone needs to tell her she is a little young to be laying eggs.Image

A wonderful Mola rug done by Anne – all the animals represent her Canadian connection at the cottage – loon, turtles, snakes and Barley’s footprint as this was his favourite place…Image

On Saturday we found a new antique store in the U.S. called Turn Back Time Antiques in Three Mile Bay. I have been trying to get there for 2 years – but they are only open a Thursday to Sunday. Finally got there though and ohhhhh my –  TWO ENTIRE FLOORS of primitives, vintage and shabby chic at realllllly great prices. I got a wonderful vintage table that had been chalk painted – actually it was Gord who spied it and said it needed to come home to Loretta’s Antique Store! I think I finally have him trained!Image 3

Finally finished rehooking my otter rug. A friend asked if I would consider rehooking it similar to the original. Wellllll if you have ever tried rehooking a rug that you actually think turned out well and it is for someone else who wants it pretty much the same as the original – that is major pressure! But in the end I actually like it as much as the original – knowing where I went wrong on the original saved rehooking the water 3 times and the sky and the border and the otter! Now it is on to new ventures…HPIM5311




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  1. Leslie Koenig

    Hi Loretta, As always enjoying your creature adventures! Also Thankyou for invite to your hook in. There is nothing I would rather do except I have family birthdays and other mother things that need my attention that weekend,darn it. If ever you have another I would love the chance again ! Hope everything else is going well for you and maybe over the course of the summer we will cross paths,or just the next show somewhere. Cheers Leslie Koenig P.S. ADORE THE TABLE, good shopping.

  2. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    where is Three Mile Bay???? Dish the dirt…no secrets allowed Loretta 🙂

  3. We saw one just like that this winter on the beach in Port St. Joe, FL! All by him or herself! Always wondered how it got there!?


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