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Well, and maybe iguanas and sunflowers. At guild yesterday I managed to snap a few pix while rugs were out:

Lou’s penny mat from a workshop given by Wendy on penny rugs…

HPIM5309 Pauline’s stained glass from a workshop with Carol…HPIM5308 Pauline’s sunflowers from the wide cut workshop with Karen…HPIM5307 Chrissie’s mola Iguana from the wide cut workshop with Karen (cannot believe that Chrissie got this done in 2 weeks as it is pretty big!)…HPIM5306

On the way home we had to stop and rescue a dinner plate sized snapping turtle and little painted turtle on the highway – so kind of the oncoming traffic to warn me and for the traffic behind me to stop with flashers on as I ran out to pick up the turtles! Then on the gravel road coming in to our place wasn’t there a little otter who quickly slipped into the drainage ditch which was full of water and then!!!! a wonderful 4 foot rat snake on our driveway – well kind of stretched across most of the width of the driveway. She wasn’t going anywhere fast so out I jumped, grabbed a stick and lifted her off the road and into the woods. Not that she was terribly grateful – she curled up and hissed at me and rattled her little tail end.


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  1. Lorraine Pammett

    it had a rattle on it’s tail and you lifted it???? you are a braver woman than I. I would have run over it. this is my logic..if one 4 ft rattler made 100 more and then they ea made 100 you would living in a little pc of paradice much longer. now keep on mind I know nothing about this particular snake but they scare me to death. in admiration, Loraine

    • Oh Loraine you are too funny our dear rat snakes are endangered but NOT rattlers! they are actually pretty placid but only rattle (phoney rattle) when threatened (my understanding at least). Because they are endangered you are no longer allowed to just build on any spot that might be a rat snake habitat. We were lucky enough to be able to build before the new rules – but we get visits occasionally. Actually have not seen a rat snake here in a few years – we used to have a biggggggg one who would curl up on the front steps to the porch and not allow the hookers into the house! I really don’t mind snakes – if they are singular! snake! not snakesssssss. Now if it had been Gord driving up the driveway he would have parked the car and walked back to the end and up our neighbours driveway :-))) …

  2. Trish Strung

    Love these rugs. The penny rug is really cute and the others are so vibrant in color that just seeing them has brightened my day. We are buried in grey down here. Thank you for sharing the turtle stories. Love the bit about the snake.

  3. Lovely and so bright to make one smile on any day…………..good work!

  4. I believe there is absolutely nothing wonderful about a 4 foot rat snake…nothing wonderful about any snakes in existence in my opinion! Yuck! And you be careful stopping along the roads there are too many crazy drivers!
    Wishing everyone a safe long weekend!

  5. Bless you for taking the time to rescue turtles and protect beautiful rat snakes. Maybe if they were called dream snakes or fluffy snakes we wouldn’t be so quick to shutter at them.

  6. Ruby Macgregor

    You and your critters!! I am ssssoooo happy you didn’t have a picture of the 4ft. reptile. Of all things Great and Small, they, I am fearful of. Finished the poppies and sheep; started on the 4houses and hills. Will send a pic of poppies. We have been accepted (4 of us) to Westports hook-in. Excited about that. Take care. Ruby

    • Yeahhhhhh this hookin is going to be a blast I am so excited! Gave your owl rug (finally) to wendy on thursday so hopefully she will be able to bring it framed to the hookin – wouldn’t that be perfect!…

  7. Can’t stand it when people run over turtles either on purpose or just not caring

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    • ohhhhh my sentiments exactly Belva Yesterday i saved a smalllllll snapper about the size of the palm of my hand – she (of course she was a she!) was sooooo strong and really fought being picked up but there was a car coming behind us that may not have missed her. I get sickened by all the dead animals on the side of the highways and roads – hopefully I can save a few more animals over the summer and fall months…

  8. Hooray. Fellow snake lover!


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