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Had a fun morning at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston today. Lots of great rugs for show and tell. Next SBS date will be July 2.

Sooooo remember this from our wide cut(torn class) – Linda rehooking her hooking…HPIM5231

I knew it would turn into an amazing rug… Up your Kilt (made out of kilts, scarves and other recycled bits and pieces)…HPIM5298

Elizabeth’s DF sheep…HPIM5299

and her DF Country Charm – whyyyyy are my versions of these rugs not done?…HPIM5300

Sally’s sheep in the mountains…HPIM5302

Claire’s Karla Gerard almost done…HPIM5304

and Sally’s Winter Wonderland being showbound…HPIM5305

On the way home we rescued our first turtle – you must pick them up in exactly the right spot otherwise they let go – don’t know if it is just water from the shell or hmmm the smelly stuff but I carry wet wipes in the car just in case! Cute little painted turtle and for a change I actually took her in the direction she was heading!!!! Why they think laying their eggs on the other side of the highway is a smart move is beyond me but…

Got the new Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine at SBS today – Margaret will be carrying a good quantity of them so if you love this magazine ORRRR have never seen it and are local to Kingston stop in and check it out. It has all sorts of stitching patterns – quilting, wool appliqué, punching, and of course rughooking!!!





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  1. Love the primitive Quilts and Projects magazine too! It always has lots of great projects! I carry it at the shop too! take care
    p.s. thanks for saving turtles!


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