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Wow I cannot believe the response to our hookin! Thank you all so much for reserving your spot. We are now up to our maximum number but do still have a waiting list so if you would like to be put on the waiting list please contact Carol Shewan. We are hoping for a beautiful day so that we can add all those on the waiting list as there are 2 huge porches (covered) and the lovely lawn down to the beach also for sitting and hooking. So please, if you find you cannot come, let Carol know as soon as possible so we can extend the invite to our waiting list hookers! And if you think you might like to sit outdoors on the porch bring along your lawn chairs.

My little hooker, Peanut, who would like to come to the hookin as well – she already has her strips all ready to go…HPIM5297

Tomorrow I will be at the new location for Stitch by Stitch in Kingston – hope you can make it for a morning of fun and inspiration. Bring your show and tell.

A new rug picture from Gari. Gari was wondering how to finish this piece as it is not huge – I pulled down a frame (primitive picture frame made by my friend Pete a number of years ago) and oh my it was perfect – made the piece larger and gave it “presence”. Of course I forgot to photograph it inside the frame!!!! This is a great way though to take a small piece and make it a “big” piece i.e. a frame, a drawer, antique pastry board, etc.HPIM5293





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  1. In my next life I wanna be one of your cats! Peanut looks so content sitting in your wool!

  2. Peanut you cutie 🙂 I’m lovin Gari’s colors reminds me of a piece, I’m supposed to be working on, that I designed at yours!


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