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Well, that was my dilemma yesterday morning! I had the day all planned – a little hooking and then a lot of raking! And then Wendy saved the day – she called and asked if Gord and I wanted to go to the States junkin! WELLLLLL, did not take long to make THAT decision! and off we went. It was great – we found a lovely new place in Carthage owned by a woman from Belgium and another woman from Toronto who recognized our “ehs”. Then off to crackhouse antiques – or rather Old Jail Antiques. Welllll, I think we spent 2 hours there – Wendy and Vince picked up all sorts of little things and, oh oh, then we went upstairs and yikes there was a stack – table and old shoe shine box that called to me – Loretta buy us – both of us! We look so good together (well that was Wendy’s doing!) and so I did! Love them both – they need a bit of TLC but I am the woman to do that for them! Then off to downtown Watertown only to find that the lovely little antique store in the Paddock Mall was closed! They were off getting more antiques and we found out they are moving down the hall to a HUGE location! Yeahhhhh another trip!

So we had a wonderful day eating and junking and then on the way home had to stop for a BIGGGGGG beaver who did not know that it was not a land animal but a water animal – the only water around was in the ditches! Now if you have never chased a beaver (I did the chasing as Gord leaned on the car and watched) they are stubborn little critters and do not want to move – in fact this one turned around and stood on its back legs trying to outstare me. Finally I think the yelling and clapping and rushing at it chased it back into the fields so hopefully it was saved!

So pix of my finds and some rug pix as well:

My finished hooked ultra wide cut – as you can see some of them are 1 inch wide!!!! Now to make it into a pillow…HPIM5290 My purchases yesterday…HPIM5292 Rachel’s chairpad (from Primitive Quilts and other projects magazine – a great magazine full of patterns for quilting, hooking, punching, appliqué – all very prim!)…Image Anne got this little lovely stool on ebay and hooked this mat for it – a free pattern by Edith O’Neill in Rughooking Magazine many years ago – I have also hooked this and LOVED it…Image 2




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  1. Two great hobbies, a junkin and hooking, can’t get better than that. Love the rugs. Questions, I’ve never hooked with 1″ wide cuts, is it hard to pull through?

  2. Love your wide cut pillow top!
    Wonderful treasures. I understand why they were calling (screaming?) your name.
    Off hand, do you know what RHM that pattern can be found in?
    Happy hooking 🙂

  3. Love the wide cut! What did you did you hook it on ?

  4. Loretta, I just love the wide cut! It really gives movement and dimension to the project. My question also, is it difficult to pull through?
    Lauren: the chicken pattern is in the Summer 2014 edition of RHM.

  5. Patricia Mongeon

    Hi Loretta Yes I would like to take a couple of your workshop’s if possible the October 10 & November 23rd. I like the pine one & the half sunflower,if you get to many applicant then I will just do the one whichever date works for you is fine by me! Pat

    Sent from Patricia’s iPad


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