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I started this post this morning whining about the fact that the last few days had been so wet and grey. Decided not to post all that negativity BECAUSE today was glorious – a beautiful blue sky and warm breeze off the lake.  It is amazing how quickly that can totally boost morale. I sat in the porch most of the day with windows open, hooking. When Gord came home from a very muddy golf game, we took our tea and sat in the chairs overlooking the lake.  Two ducks paddled by – Gord’s comment was – look at the dead fish in the water behind them – my clarification was – that ain’t no fish baby – they just pooped! Ahhhhhhh mother nature is so wonderful!

Wendy sent me a picture this morning that was sooooo sweet. Seems mama robin decided to build her nest and fill it with eggs on the bird house on the back patio – could she have been enticed by the faux nest and bird already there?…


Image 1

Had some friends come for a visit last week with some rugs for show and tell and got some pix via email so here to inspire you…

Suzanne’s dog pillow – started with her grandson…Image 1

Okay girls correct me if I am wrong but I believe this is Sandra’s Story Rug from her class with Laura B???HPIM5286

Jane’s hooked interpretation of a photograph she took…

HPIM5287 Ruby’s Deanne Fitzpatrick Sheep rug along with a pile of wool we dyed…HPIM5288 Betty’s almost finished wide cut sheep rug from the class with Karen Kaiser…HPIM5289


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  1. Betty, your wide-cut hooking is marvellous. Mine all looks like ‘Waldeboro.’….I’m blaming worsted weave but the problem is probably with the hooker.

  2. Ruby Macgregor

    Story rug is also Jane’s. Love the bird house and the real nest of eggs.

  3. What a sweet photo of the house with the real nest!

  4. Trish Strung

    That dog pillow is so doggone cute.
    Oh my that robin’s nest is awesome. We have only little brown sparrows in our bird houses but they have cleaned them out and rebuilt their nests. Spring peepers are visiting the pond and I noted a couple of baby bunnies munching our fresh green grass. Sooooo wonderful to have spring.

  5. Betty Welsford

    These rugs are a real inspiration- I love them all!


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