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Woke up yesterday to rain! and fog! and grey skies! but OHHHHHH the day ended up being inspiring, exciting and colourful. Our class with Karen Kaiser was such fun and we learned so much about working with extra wide (half inch and up) cuts and adding dimension to our pieces. So without further ado here are pix to add colour and inspiration to YOUR day…

So the first few pix are of Karen’s visual aides. I did try to stick a few of these under my jacket on the way out but darn – she noticed!… Unfortunately, although you can see the wide cuts you cannot see the depth in these rugs. Karen hooks many different heights into her wide cut rugs to add additional dimension and depth…Image








The walllllll of glorious wool – with Karen organizing before the hordes attacked…HPIM5225

Everyone getting ready…HPIM5226 Elizabeth and the start to a huge adaptation of a Van Gogh…HPIM5227 Alana working on one of her own patterns and using some wild fabrics – this was a cotton tablecloth!…HPIM5228 Andrea surrounded by her Sari Silks and working on a Deanne Fitzpatrick rug which will go into an antique arched windowpane…HPIM5229

HPIM5230 Linda working on an inch mat – which I believe changed into a hit and miss mat – which I believe changed… (Linda LOVES to rebook her rugs multiple times :-))HPIM5231 Cathy took the class last fall and came back to hook with us so NO she did not hook all of this yesterday although those wide cuts doooo hook up really quickly…HPIM5232 Pat and her Inukshuk rug – background will be various fibres in bright colours…HPIM5233

HPIM5234 Chris working on her Mola – the beautiful green was a mohair cardigan she felted and cut up…HPIM5236 Hope working on a Hex sign… HPIM5237 Robyn’s rug is all done in POLAR FLEECE! it was amazingly soft…HPIM5238 Betty and BAAAA… HPIM5239 Barb is working on a snowman and had knit and hooked the scarf into the linen – it was brilliant!…HPIM5240 And my start on a sunflower. Obviously I cannot tell the size of a half inch wide strip – mine are somewhere between 3/4 and an inch wide! When Karen checked on my progress her comment was – I cannot wait to see the bright go in – whoops WHAT BRIGHT? That yellow is actually pretty toned down…HPIM5243Grayce working on her huge poppies…
HPIM5242 Sandi’s Rabbit which will become a stuffed pillow hence no border!  So you can see what fun we had and these pix were taken about halfway through the class – by the end of class some people had done a huge amount on their rugs… If you get a chance to take this class with Karen jump at it!!! You won’t be disappointed…HPIM5241


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  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!! So impressed with all this talent. The designs are outstanding, I get so inspired and can’t hook fast enough!.. So regret that I don’t live closer so that I could join in.


    • Oh Wendy it would be so much fun if you were closer. I grab every chance I can (afford) to take a class – there is always something new to learn and get excited about. You may just have to come for a visit!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. These creations are gob smacking. I am sad that I was unable to be at that workshop. I love the idea of using other fabrics like polar fleece. Thanks for posting these. Really enjoyed seeing them. You can bet that I will jump at the chance to take this workshop.

    • We missed you too Trish – I know your piece would have been fun… The polar fleece, silks, yarns, cottons etc were amazing. Pat hooked wired ribbon into her Inukshuk and it was beautiful…

  3. How fun!! I look at your workshops when they come in on my email, but do not know where Hooked on the Lake is?

  4. I love them all, it’s so refreshing to see the different materials used, I would love to try wide cuts sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for all the great photos – what amazing rugs the group is working on! I’ve done a couple projects with wide cuts and they’re definitely fun!

  6. wow, great clear photos loretta, you are good at this as well!

  7. Every one of those rugs is spectacular! I love to hook with one inch hand-torn strips ~ they make a lush thick rug! It looked like a very fun, creative group!!

  8. Betty Welsford

    Your beginner “hooker” loves all of these new ideas. I will see you soon – just home today. I certainly want to try doing something different, like these ladies have done!!! Betty


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