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SUCCESS…  Thank you to everyone who attended our auction – our auctioneer, Elizabeth, and her handy helpers raised an amazing amount of money which has been earmarked for donations to 3 charitable organizations. We had wonderful donations for the auction – a Rigby Model D cutter in excellent condition with cutter heads that were like new, heads for Fraser cutters and Rigbys, hooking hoops, a ton of great hooking related and other magazines and books, boxes of dyes, dye spoons and pots, finished rugs by one of our former guild members, patterns and of course TONS of wool! new, recycled, pre cut… It all went! and we are all a little bit lighter (well SOME of us are a little bit heavier after the auction and went home with more than we brought!!!). It was a wonderful day so thanks again to everyone who donated, worked and bought!

On Tuesday I am taking part in a class we organized with Karen Kaiser hooking half inch wide strips. I am so excited – missed the class last fall but am definitely making it this year – well I have to – teacher is staying with me! 🙂 Yup that means I glean! on Monday evening!!!!

I thought before closing I would quickly mention a few classes I have coming up – Hawksbury May 3 beginner primitive hooking class and Perth May 25 beginner primitive hooking class. The dye class on April 30 is full but I do have one or 2 openings for the second one on May 7 – email me if you might be interested.

In closing, before I head off to hook HAPPY EASTER. May your weekend be blessed with good friends and family (and of course lots of chocolate!)… Hmmm does that mean I don’t have to suck up those dust bunnies – cannot vacuum up a dust bunny at Easter!



And I finished my rug – it is a door topper Four Seasons using primarily my scraps. Unfortunately, or is that fortunately, I have MANY scraps left – does that mean more scrappy rugs?HPIM5217



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  1. Your auction sounded wonderful, I know if I was there I’d go home laded down with purchases. What fun it must of been. Happy Easter, and I will eat chocolate—-in fact am making peanut butter & chocolate eclair for desert.

  2. Love your 4 season door topper. Great idea! Nancy

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  3. Ruby MacGregor

    You are just far too clever –love the Bunny!

  4. Hi, I am interested in the beginner hooking class in Perth on May 25th. Could you please give me the details ? Thanks. Beth Campbell

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  5. Did you have a pattern for the door topper, or is it just something you did for yourself? Nancy

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