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Yesterday I spent the day with a bunch of hookers (now that REALLLLLLY needs to be read in context!). The Olde Forge Branch in Ottawa held their annual hookin and I was invited to be one of the vendors. It was a wonderful day (even though that white stuff started falling again in the middle of the day). Spirits were not dampened! We hooked (well some of us did! – not me!), we bought, we ate (of course that always happens at any gathering of hookers) and we were inspired by beautiful rugs and wonderful wool. The vendors included Christine Gibson who does some of the prettiest spot dyes, Cathy Ivory of Baa Baa bundles recycled wool fame and me. Hookers came from Montreal, Renfrew, Deep River, Merickville, almost Kingston etc. and I actually got a few photos of some of the rugs. Unfortunately Hookers move really quickly when they show off their rugs – or I just move too slowly! And although it was a little grizzly outside and snowing there was glare from the many windows (haha I’m just looking for excuses), so I didn’t get photos of every rug and some of the ones I did get are a tad fuzzy but you will get the general idea that there were some amazing rugs. It was a wonderful day of reconnecting and schmoozing with friends I see so rarely. Today back to reality – cleaning and cutting the final cabinet for the hydro room (Gord decided to measure 5 times before cutting!). So without further ado – a few rugs to get your creative juices flowing:

Linda’s adaptation of Alana Kapell’s Frog pattern – WONDERFUL…HPIM5143

Shawna’s 3 Kings – almost finished… So what is Andre thinking – hmmm is that a number 2 cut?…HPIM5145

The other Linda’s beautiful anniversary rug…HPIM5147

Hooker hidden but isn’t this background fabulous…
HPIM5148Fun Prodded Sunflowers… HPIM5149 Ti’s trees are sooooo interesting (and the squirrel is adorable!)…HPIM5150 I think this was a FIRST RUG!!!…HPIM5151

Just the sunny kind of rug we need right now…HPIM5152 Karen’s beautiful version of Karla Gerard’s 3 Blooms – wish you could see and feel all the texture in this rug…HPIM5153 Whoops – I was too slow…HPIM5154Love the reflections in this rug…HPIM5155 Another rug to make you smile…HPIM5156 Yup too slow again…HPIM5157 Ahhh – gameboards – great idea…HPIM5159 Lyn’s “Fraktur???” and Lyn’s shadow…HPIM5160 I think this was Sigrid’s rug – love gold, red and green…HPIM5161 Barb’s Maud Lewis – small rug done in a wide cut…HPIM5162 Another first rug!!!…HPIM5163 Beautiful spring tulips…HPIM5164

Nancy’s mystical dragon rug – now if only we could figure out what the letters (in dragonish!) spell out…HPIM5165 and a reallllly fuzzy photo which normally I would not have put in because it would embarrass the photographer 🙂 but this was all done in nylons – so recycle all those pantyhose you never wear anymore and hook them up…HPIM5166


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  1. wow these are awesome. I love the beaver rug with the checkered background. An awesome piece of Canadiana,

  2. Linda Henderson

    Many thanks to Olde Forge for hosting such a wonderful event. Thanks also to Loretta for sharing this post and featuring some true talent.

  3. The white stuff oh no, hope there wasn’t much. I hope we are done with that. It sounds like you had a great time. All the rugs are beautiful. I am heading to the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild’s spring meeting on Saturday. Can’t wait to go.


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