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by me (again). However, I do have wonderful rugs to share:

First Alexandra’s adaptation of a design by Jane Steel of River House Rug Studio – love that field of golden wheat…

Judy’s rug Fandango from a class with Carol Feeney in Florida (I have this pattern by Carol in stock if anyone is interested)…

Image 4Judy’s stunning Deanne Fitzpatrick rug… 

Image 5

Did finish hooking my fantasy fish tail – so now I have a head and a tail – do I hook the body orrrrr get my sister to make a wire fish skeleton to hang in between them (when I mentioned this idea to Gord he said – You have to be some kind of wacky to be a hooker – yeahhhhh I like wacky!)…



This weekend I am off to Woodstock vending at the Oxwood Hooking Artisans Hookin. Should be a fun fun day… Maybe I will have pix to share… Will I get any hooking done?


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  1. all those rugs look wonderful such workmanship

  2. Hi

    I say go with the wire skeleton, it’s not wacky it’s creative!! 🙂

  3. I like the idea of the skeleton body. In the end if you don’t like it you can always hook the body. Have you thought about how and where you will hang it?

    • Have not reallllly thought about where to hang it Donna – maybe out on the back porch overbooking the lake behind the couch? Also thought it would be kind of fun to have it swimming around a corner – head on one wall and tail on another!!! then i don’t need a body haha…

  4. your fish idea is wonderful how much is the flower pattern and does it have proddy in it Bev

  5. You are such a superb hooker in your color choices! I love your use of color in the fish parts! Kathy

  6. Ann Desormeaux

    Even if you didn’t mention it, i would recognise Deanne Fitzpatrick’s patterns anywhere. I love them all. I have been to her studio several times, the most recent just last week. Her new Knitting studio is also impressive. Any time I go east, I have to go there.
    The oatcakes are also to die for. 🙂

    • Ann You are soooo right Deanne has a style all her own. A Wonderful style! The oatcakes recipe I have tried (it was in her book) and oh my they are DEADLY especially with old cheddar cheese…

  7. Yes-Yes-a wire-frame fish body.
    This is a wonderful ‘keeper’!
    Colours are outstanding!
    Any chance that you will market this?


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