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Ahhhhhh my heart is still palpitating! Went with the girls the other day to Jillian’s and Vintage Junction and the Hidden Goldmine Bakery – all wonderful venues for junkin! (hmmmm my computer keeps wanting to change junkin to junkie – how appropriate is THAT!). SOOOOOO I kept everyone up realllllly late the night before we went junkin – there was method to my madness! I figured if everyone was so zonked from lack of sleep I would spot all the great buys first! But hearts were pumping, eyes were popping and hands were grabbing! Before I even made it in the door Louise had spotted a wonderful little seed box, Wendy had grabbed a vintage tool box and I – where was I – yup playing with the dogs and the cat. Someone trained that cat – he followed me around batting at my hands and I was so engrossed I missed many good sales! But happy to say I DID find a FEW things! A wonderful old oak cabinet with a great really grungy finish, a great little stool (both just the right size for a small hooked rug) and a fabulous small drawer with 4 layers of paint –  yellow, red, green and finally white! Then off we went to VG where hmmm WE COULD NOT BUY ANYTHING MORE cause there were 5 hookers in one car with a TON of stuff in the back hatch! NO ROOM – which was darned good cause I had spent enough. However! some did manage to squeeze in a few more smaller items. All round it was a wonderful day topped off with a great lunch at the bakery.

For the last few days my inlaws have been visiting us. My mother in law offered to clean the really grungy tarnished silver I have collected and placed in a little vintage pressed glass holder in the kitchen. NO NO NO I said – don’t clean my silver!!!! All that beautiful yellow and grey PATINA! gone! who would want that silver if it were clean! I don’t think she gets me!! :-)))

So a few rugs to share…

Linda’s celtic rug…Image

F’s (my shy friend) big leaf rug…


And my fowl rug (with tree post Weight Watchers!)…HPIM5135

and Andrea’s DF pattern of the month done in yarns and ohhh could that be a foul fowl?…




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  1. Believe me, that silver will get tarnished in no time if you shine it! Seems when you want it to turn, it stays shiny, but when you want it to stay shiny, it turns! I love silver both ways. Sometimes shined with some black left in the creases and crevices. Good thing, if you shine it and don’t like it, it’ll always return to dark. Handle it a lot. Get some oil on it. Humidity. Anyway, it was still pretty nice of your MIL to offer to shine it! Don’t you think? I could sure use some help around here!

    • Oh it was lovely of her to offer!!! but unfortunately I collected it FOR the tarnish! this has I think about 50 years of tarnish. Some is actually a lovely mellow yellow patina with grey around the edges. I think I would have to live another 50 years to get that really grungy look :-). Now if I can remember where my real eating silver is that could keep her really busy!…

      • Got ya! I probably haven’t seen the kind like you have, or maybe I did and didn’t even realize it! You’ll have to add a picture of it sometime! Sounds interesting! I do like some sliver shiny though, like you say,silverware, and also things like dresser sets. I don’t have any anymore though, so I guess I don’t have to decide now to shine or not to shine. Sure could use your MIL’s help organizing though!

  2. Wow these are gorgeous. France’s rug is gob smacking. I love the braid finish on it and the colors are simply sensational. Beautiful creations ladies.

  3. I think France should enter this into competition for wide cut at the OHCG Annual.

  4. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    So….did you DELIBERATELY not tell us where these treasures are? Gillians, bakery? do tell!

    • You got it Liz – Wendy keeps threatening me every time I give away a location! 🙂 Actually Jillians is in Marmora, Vintage junction is in Stirling and the bakery is in Madoc! there now I am in for a good whipping ….

  5. Great rugs…but aren’t you going to share your new/old treasures??? Lucky you. I went to an antique show yesterday and it was terrible 😦

  6. Marmora, Sterling and Madoc are located in Manitoba in case you want to plan a trip ladies and gents! And I will deal with you later Miss Chatty Pants!!


    Hi Loretta, how are you doing? Just wondering where Jillian’s is and the Hidden Goldmine bakery? As always, I love your blog☺ Soooooo inspirational! Take care and say hi to Gord for me, Kelly

    Kelly McKinnon

    Production Manager
    Brockville Lubricants Plant
    Shell Canada Limited
    250 Laurier Blvd.
    Brockville, Ontario
    K6V 5V7

    Telephone: 613-498-5738

    “TOMORROW-our prize for working safely”

  8. Terry Sweitzer

    Hi Loretta,

    I’m writing to ask if you would consider being a vendor at The Glengarry Pioneer Museum on the weekend of June 29-29th. We are planning a weekend called Quilts ‘n fiber – from then ‘ til now. You also would get to hook to your hearts delight between customers. It is a lovely venue and there will be lots of people sitting around doing their chosen craft.

    If you don’t know our little museum you can go to the web site www. glengarrypioneer to learn a little about our hidden little Glengarry treasure.

    Ruby and Pearl will be there, as well as several of our Martintown Hookers. There will also be quilters from a couple of guilds and spinners and weavers and other fiber artisans. There will also be several items on display from our Museum collection and from the various craftspeople from our area.

    The Fabric Box is going to be there as a vendor as Heartworks will be at the Quilt show in the States that weekend. We are also looking for a knitting Wool store but have not finalized that yet. We will also have Nicole Menard as an attraction. She is a quilt appraiser.

    I could also offer you one of our spare bedrooms for a night or two and some food and although our place is not as scenic as yours there is a pool in the back forty and we are four minutes from the museum. Your hubby could certainly sit by the pool and read while you are busy. You can check us out with Ruby!

    Please let me know one way or the other if this would be of interest. I’m not sure when your next workshop is at the fabric box but if it’s after now and you want to check us out please give me a call.


    Terry Sweitzer

    One of the Martintown Wild and Woolies



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