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This week my niece Dayna came for a visit. Dayna is a (oh now so very addicted) hooker! and junker so we hooked, we dyed, we junked. On Thursday we went to guild together where she was inspired by our hooking group and decided to try painting wool for a sunrise sky. During her stay she finished one rug – a geometric done in 8.5 cut that she put into the back of a drawer hanging on her bathroom wall (from a previous junkin trip). Then yesterday morning an hour before she left she decided she needed to get her next project ready so she would have something to hook – well she got home and finished the piece. This was a tougher piece – a tiny cat on a mat done in number 6 cut to fit inside a 3.5 inch opening in a frame! It is done and in the frame (another junkin find) which now just needs painting. Unlike many of us who finish hooking and then dawdle with the actual finishing of the edge (oh hmmm maybe that’s just me!) Dayna gets right in there and finishes off her pieces and puts them in her display frames immediately. No moss grows under this girl – in fact!!!! after Gord and I retired to bed on Thursday night it was Dayna who put together my Ikea cart!!!

The little 3.5 inch square cat rug…
Image Geometric in the repurposed drawer now a shelf…Image 1Painted sky wool for Dayna’s next project…HPIM5130

And here is a picture of Sue’s crazy quilt cat rug. Sue incorporated appliqué, beads, buttons, zippers, etc. in this fun piece…HPIM5122


Alison sent a picture of her first finished fun piece…

Image 1

This coming Wednesday I will be at Stitch by Stitch – between now and then however, I have the girls coming to stay – the house will be full of hookers on their way to junkin. Oh I did buy some junk this week – a wonderful old very grungy lime green painted drop leaf table. The lime green will have to go – or be distressed! But the table is fabulous. What will I do with it? Haven’t got a clue – but it was pretty!!!!! and REALLLLLLYYY cheap! Which is usually why I buy something! NOT because I NEED it!

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  1. Looks like a heap of fun and expertise in these projects…….

  2. the painted sky wool is spectacular. Rugs are marvelous

  3. The cat rug is so fun. What a fabulous creation

  4. All VERY fun. I particularly like the drawer-shelf so now have to find a drawer – I suppose I will be junkie’ this week.


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