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Cathy just completed a wonderful story rug – here is what she said about her rug:

“It was a course I took last fall with Laura Boszormeny @ St. Lawrence College in Brockville. We were to design our own rug and tell ‘our story’. So, this 20″ x 30” mat shows the building I live in with my husband Gord. He bought it almost 10 years ago.We live on the 2nd and 3rd floors (that’s our dining room and living room windows on the 2nd floor and guest bedroom on 3rd floor. The building was designated historical about 7 years ago due to the interesting roof line and arch over the top floor window. Our front door is really the side door (where the tree is).There are 3 large maple trees on the property round back.The two cats below symbolize my cat Porkey (who left for kitty heaven 4 years ago, but who had a ball being an outdoor cat for his last 6 months) and our current cat Kitty, who found us 9 years ago.The gold rings and 11-10-09 shows the day Gord and I married. The maple leaves at each corner and golden tree represent the fall season.The heart and birds of happiness holding the balls of yarns are simply whimsical additions to show my love for Gord (and recently wool!). Most of the wool used in this piece is from my recyled wools or wool dyed by me. The green grass was from an old wool coat. The black cat were men’s charcoal trousers…

Image 1

And Bill (whose rugs you have seen here in previous posts) sent me a picture of most recent rug – another wonderful piece hooked by a man who ALMOST gave up rughooking!…Image

AND AN AMAZING CART FROM IKEA that Cathy sent me a picture of and that Gord is buying me as a belated Valentine’s Day present tomorrow!!!! Look at that teal cart – isn’t it wonderful! Imagine it fullllll of worms! (woollen of course)…

Image 2


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  1. both of these rugs are awesome. The story rug has me thinking about my own story rug.
    the trolly from Ikea is superb. I may have to brave the stupid Ikea parking lot and get one for myself.

  2. Outstanding!
    Congratulations, Cathy. You were destined for rughooking.
    Lovely work again by Bill.
    Am studying ‘skies’ these days. Two very different treatments. Each so well married to the rest of the piece……….Thanks for the posting, Loretta. Now I’ll have to check out IKEA!

  3. Cathy you sound like a lucky lady who has it all and more. Enjoy your wonderful life and fill those carts with worms and many colours of wool. Great work by Bill and your story was so wonderful and touching. Thanks for showing us how blessed you are. Your new friend Linda Hope in Toronto, Canada

  4. I love your story rug and the rug from Bill is so detailed and inviting. The cart is perfect. Days are getting longer and this winter will be gone soon. The cold is suppose to leave for a few days this weekend. I wish I had an IKEA nearby, Is the cart metal?


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