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NO NO MORE WHITE! This is what I am dreaming of…cottage life in living colour

But I think it may be a while yet!!!…

While the tree in my latest fowl rug awaits a trim job I have been working on the first of the Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern of the month pieces. I found out about this through Ruby and signed up (along with a bunch of friends) immediately. I have never taken a class with Deanne but would soooo like to and have never hooked (not really) in her style or one of her patterns. But these smaller patterns give one the opportunity to experiment and experience her style without committing to a 4 x 3 foot rug! The first one is inspired by a Matisse painting and I have been trying to do this one all (or at least 95%) in recycled wool – the only non recycled was the green background. I wanted to move into colours that were not in my usual palette. I finished it this morning and it was such fun – have also never used a black outline around everything but I reallllly like it in this piece. In addition, I wanted the piece to look more as though it had been painted so intentionally crowded and twisted and hooked in a less orderly fashion…
Now, back to the tree… and then on to fish segments!

The other day, Gari came for a visit and brought along her most recent finished rug. This is only Gari’s third hooked piece and I think she did a wonderful job on this rug (a Karla Gerard pattern)…


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  1. Kathy Callahan

    Love these! Loretta you come visit me down in South Georgia and we will give you all the warm weather you like! Your friend, Kathy

  2. I love the colors and shading you used in your Deanne Fitzpatrick rug! Makes me want to leave work right now and go home and hook rugs. I need another project though because I finally finished the squares runner/rug that I bought from you.

  3. Betty Welsford

    I love your Matisse rug. I have a painting here that I am anxious to try. I will bring it home. The idea of working on a rug that resembles a painting appeals to me. Love seeing all of the rugs you put on line. Betty

  4. Very nice Loretta! Not your usual primitive style but it looks like fun. I’m looking forward to seeing the other 11 rugs 🙂 Even though I was tempted to join the DF pattern of the month I realized I would just have 12 more unfinished pieces…ugh!

  5. Loretta,

    Love the Matisse piece. Brava. It has a very painterly feel to both colour and composition.



  6. love the matisse rug loretta!

  7. Loretta, I love your Matisse piece too. So much movement and yes, very colourful. The thin black outlining sets everything off beautifully. Gorgeous little rug 🙂


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