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So a few more rugs to share done by others. I continue to hook and rehook sky – decided there was toooooo much sky so I cropped an inch of the top of the sky which meant undoing 3 rows of border and rehooking them – I realized quickly that had I just stuck with sky it would have been done a lot faster than undoing and rehooking. Then I realized my tree needed to go on a diet as it looked tooooo fat even with background to squish it into place. Once this rug is done I think I need to do small and geometric! Although those geometrics present challenges of their own. Soooo on to rugs by others…

Robyn’ s beautiful rug done in recycled fabrics from Cathy Ivory’s Baa Baa Bundles…
Image 2

Connie’s version of a Star Rug Company pattern hooked with a lot of wonderful marbleized wools that Connie did up… Hey, do I see antiques in the background??????????

Image 3 and Chris’ finished Karla Gerard Pumpkin Patch – what a happy rug!…


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  1. Antiques everywhere, Loretta! I love them as much as you!!

  2. That pumpkin rug really is a happy piece isn’t it? I love the bright colors


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