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or greens or yellows or purples! I am working on another Foul Fowl challenge piece and have the fowl hooked and the tree and rocks and harvest moon. Next – water and sky. And this is where I break down! So far the fowl and the tree and moon and rocks were easy – everything just flowed but once I got to the water yikes things stopped. How to hook the water – do I do realism with the moon glowing on the water or do I do funky. Well, started with realism and hmmmmmmmm remembered the dilemma with the otter rug. I DON’T DO REALISM VERY WELL. When I hooked my otter rug I hooked straight lines in real blues – nope hated that; then I hooked wavy lines in lighter blues – hated it just as much and FINALLLLLY decided to play and not hook lines and add colours that were unexpected and loved it.


So, instead of water that looks like water I have decided to play a bit with bubbles and spirals and colours that one normally does not associate with real water. And I am enjoying the process so much more. There is a time to STAY in one’s comfort zone :-). BIG sky will be the next BIG challenge…

I had a few emails yesterday from folks who were looking for Polly’s(and Laurie’s) books. Polly has suggested you email her directly at and she will be happy to answer your questions and fill your orders!


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  1. Nice, Loretta

  2. Hi

    I love this rug – gorgeous – and I am glad you did the water the way you did.. the rug has harmony….

    By the way I do have a couple of copies of Polly’s latest book along with some of the wool she designed for some of the rugs in the book. If you have CDN customers asking…

    Have a great day …Joni

  3. That is one fabulous rug
    Our father was from Canada – Woodstock and Hamilton
    Really wonderful job

  4. Loretta your ‘awters’ are ‘awesome’.

  5. Patricia Mongeon

    Hi Loretta Just a coincidence but while here in Florida I found a couple of hooking groups&registered for a day of hooking next week&Polly Minnick will be there so if there is anything you want to order I can pick up for you! Pat

    Sent from Patricia’s iPad

  6. The water’s a pleasant surprise Loretta. Seems to back up the jolly atmosphere created by the animals and trees.

  7. DThe water is just georgous.  I appreciate your “eye” and ability to do it different.  Lovely.   Mary B. Hines in Tennessee


  8. Hi Loretta, I especially like the way you did the edges/borders of the rug–very interesting.

  9. I LOVE this rug and especially the way you did the water. I wonder where Pat found a hooking group in Florida! Betty

  10. I love everything about this rug! Absolutely perfect!


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