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WELLLLLLL in between painting baseboards for our hydro room I needed to keep washing off the paint that was stuck to all my fingers so decided to do some dyeing – rinsing the wool removes paint!  Came up with a new colour – Dirty Gold. If you have Magic Carpet dyes this is dead easy:

Equal parts Moss Green, Orange and Yellow mixed together.  I used 1/4 teaspoon of each and dyed over 1 yard of mixed wools including some recycled camel colour. I love the aged look of this (well that comes from using more aged base fabrics as well. This will mix beautifully with Brass Bell and Lily Pond Green (colours from Susan Quicksall’s dye book). The smoky blue at the top is a mix of 1/2 tsp. Copenhagen Blue and 1/8 tsp. Navy (Cushings) over  1 1/2 yards mixed wools. The colours do look a bit brighter than in real life due to the flash!HPIM5114

I have some new Briarwood Folkart patterns in stock – will be adding more soon:

Canadian Beavers 29 x 19 inches $70.00 on unbleached primitive linen…Image 2

Olde Cat and Dog 26 x 18 inches $60.00 on unbleached primitive linen…OldeCatandDogfull

Magdalena Meow Mix Cats 30 x 23 $70.00 on unbleached primitive linen…C5MagdalenaMeowMixwithLeaf

And a few more rugs by friends – Margie’s version of Alana’s Frog pattern…

Image 2

Ruby’s version of the first Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern of the month…Image 1

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  1. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    Hey, beavers…do you think this is a growing trend 😉 Love those primitive kitty pieces too.

  2. wow wow wow love those golds and the golds with the green undertones. Can’t wait to see them

  3. Hi Loretta, the golds with greens are working a treat….sheep carpet is coming to life…hey who said golds/yellows hard to work with?????Your magic touch worked..thanks



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