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Got a picture the other day of a wonderful rug hooked by Christine (designed by Joyce Jones) for the Pan Am games…


Wednesday at Stitch by Stitch was a busy morning with LOTS of wonderful hooking going on. Here are a few pix of what people were working on…

Elizabeth’s version of Alanna Kapell’s Frog (pattern I carry)…


Elizabeth’s version of Karla Gerard’s Red Bird (pattern I carry)…


Elizabeth starting on a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern of the month rug…

Lydia’s rug hmmm what is the name of this one again (will find out and post)…


Sari’s Hen rug – another one of the Alanna Kapell patterns I carry – Sari is doing a border of eggs (funky eggs) around the outside so hopefully next time I will get a picture of the border…


Noreen’s very first rug – Karla Gerard’s Red Bird (yup the same one Elizabeth did but in different colour plan) made into the most amazing box pillow!!!…


Linda’s Simplify rug…

There were a lot more rugs but I just did not get a chance to take pictures of everyone’s pieces – hope to get them next time…

And Chris from Montreal’s version of Karla Gerard’s Pumpkin Patch (a pattern I carry but have not yet hooked – but will have to hook)…


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  1. sweet! Love all the color variations that make a rug loo so different even though patterns might be the same.

  2. These are fabulous. Where would I look for the patterns that you carry? Best Regards Joanna Turchin

  3. Wow!! Just love them all! The colour choices are so rich in hue, just love them and the variation on the same pattern is fanatastic


  4. What a variety of wonderful rugs. One of the great parts of being in a workshop is to enjoy the creative juices of others with you.

  5. John & Margie Valberg

    Hi Loretta;

    Hope you are mouse free. 😉

    I don’t think I ever sent you a picture of my finished KAPELL.

    I love it!

    Take care Margie

  6. Very nice patterns in these home made stitch rugs. Especially like seeing the before and after pix.

  7. Every rug has the wow factor. I have got to find the time to get back to hooking. INSPIRING


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