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Sooooooooo we ran out of peanut butter – what to put in the traps to entice the mice! AHHHHHHH brainwave – cashews! Perhaps the high fat content will increase their cholesterol levels or the high salt content will raise their BP to the point of no return! Well that brainwave flopped! They just make more noise in the trap as they are chowing down on the cashews!!! And now one is hiding behind my wall unit becauseeee I LEFT THE CEILING OPEN! and poor little thing must have fallen 8 feet to the floor and scurried behind the cabinet. So now the trap is blocking one end and books are blocking the other as the cats sit and stare behind the cabinet. I must say – spring cannot come soon enough this year! Once spring comes the mice are no longer interested and we will get in the exterminator to look for and seal off any minute openings that the mice could possibly squeeeeeeeeze through.

So between chasing mice and painting and cleaning the hydro room no hooking since Saturday. I did get a picture from Connie of her hooked version of the fish head – I think I like it better than my own! At Saturday’s hookin I was convinced by the rest of the gang that I should do a hmmm quadtych (not a triptych) of the fish – head, body, body and tail all in separate sections. At first I just nodded my head but by the end of the day I actually was keen on tackling this project. Now to draw out the 3 additional pieces – maybe tail first!

Image 6

Tomorrow I will be at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston from 10 – 12. Bring your project and join us!

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  1. LOve your story, thanks for sharing, made me smile on this frost morning of -18! NIce to be insdie, like the mice, having a coffee or some cashews??

  2. Aren’t cashews a aphrodisiac ? They’ll be multiplying!

  3. See you tomorrow :-)))

  4. I haven’ see many mice this year. Cornelius the skunk moved in under the kitchen in the spring. No rats, no mice finally after living 15 years on this farm and to think a little ole skunk is keeping them away.
    I like the fish head. the colors are perfect.
    Love hearing about your groups. We are trying to get one going here.
    Its bitter here in the hills of Massachusetts wonder how it is there Sheep chores are so much harder this time of year.
    Spring is coming. Carole

  5. Those little varmints are incredible! How do they get through those little spaces? We have the same problem. Where are they getting in at? My fear is they will find my wool. How do you protect yours? Love you blog.

  6. Love the fish head. A tryptick or more would be great.
    found a pattern called MouseTrap socks. Am waiting to see what it involves before I offer to make any.


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