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Ahhhhh, the minute cooler temperatures set in in the fall we start dealing with the rotating mouse door. Every morning I empty the live trap (although these days the little mousies do not go willingly into the cold and dark) and reset them only to hear within about 5 minutes the drrrrrrrrr… of mouse paws banging away inside the trap. Out they go again and within minutes they are back. Which leads me to think that there is a HONKIN BIG HOLE SOMEWHERE in my house that these little “darlings” are squeezing through. And I say “squeezing” because they are FAT. We load the trap with expensive peanut butter with the hope that they will become so chubby they will no longer be able to wangle their way through whatever opening they (and noone else – not contractor, husband etc.) have found. It has been so cold we don’t even bother taking them to the garage – a longer trip back to the house for the mouse but a really cold trip through 3 foot drifts of snow for us – but just open the trap on the front porch. Mr. Mouse scampers through the snow drifts on the porch and down the steps and then performs a nosedive into the 2 foot snow bank. He/She/They have scooped out a tunnel that drills through the snow bank presumably right to the mouse door! Taking them on a trip to Australia for a little walkabout this winter has been impossible – the snow is tooooo deep for them to dig through!!!! although having seen the tunnel they have built (a la Stalag LUFT for those of you who are old enough to remember The Great Escape!) maybeeeeee it would not be inhumane but SMART to take them on that half mile drive to the end of the driveway!

In between emptying traps I have been playing with dyeing up some dirty brights. My brights are never reallllly bright because I rarely use only natural off-white wool – instead I dye over a mix of light and medium tans, greys, plaids and textures so that I end up with a wonderful mix of related colour but with variance in tones and textures.

My friend F(who is so shy she shall remain nameless!) just finished hooking her big beautiful leaf rug for her living room. A few years ago she came to see me with her husband and friends and asked if I would hook 6 chair pads for her dining room. Hmmmmmmm, I thought and replied – how would YOU like to hook them. Come to my beginner class and learn to hook and then you can do them yourself!!! Well she did (and her friend joined her) and 6 months later all 6 chair pads were done and adorning her dining room chairs and her husband had designed the next challenge – the rug for the living room floor. Well it has been 2 years in the making (in between many other smaller pieces) and is now ready to be edged – with a braided finish. So the other day we played and pulled out some wool for the braiding and soon this lovely rug will be resting on her living room floor for all to enjoy!HPIM5090


And just in time for Valentines Day Wendy (ever creative and inspiring) filled this antique wooden bowl with wonderful hearts made of wool, vintage lace and buttons and lots of fun embellishing!


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  1. What a beautiful rug! The swatches for the braid are perfect.

    As for the mouse, Loretta, have you thought of dipping their tails in blue line chalk before the ‘release and return’? Once they get back in, you might just find the ‘tell tail’ entry. LOL

  2. The hearts are adorable. Any chocolate ones hiding in there?

  3. ‘F’ did a fantastic job of the leaf rug. I can’t wait to see it with the braided edge. I love Wendy’s bowl of hearts. I keep suggesting she make me a some bowl fillers but strangely enough she hasn’t taken me up.

  4. Hi Loretta…the story about the mice is hilarious and living in the country,m I understand., We have been blessed this year with NO MICE after son James toured every crevice that could possibly allow a mouse to enter and either filled with spray foam or covered with steel mesh (brick spaces that have to be there to allow for air circulation). The garage has not fared so well, but then I rarely go there… preferring to scrape the car than be surprised by a mouse. I need a cat, but my hubby does not.
    BEAUTIFUL leaf run by the elusive friend “F” … many congratulations and you are a wonderful support and help to all of your students and friends… THANK YOU!

  5. Oh Loretta, you just brighten my day!! I so look forward to your stories!
    P.S. Can’t wait for package to arrive🎋

  6. wow what a gorgeous Rug F! I am really inspired now to do one for my conversation area in the living room. Guess I had better decide on a color scheme for my sofas. Thanks for posting this gorgeous piece of art Loretta. The friend is still doing teeny weeny pieces! Enjoyed the story about the mice.

  7. Wow, France, it is stunning! I look forward to hearing about attaching the braid finish. Congrats. Barb

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  8. We just had our first snow of the season. It was about half an inch. Really it was just a teaser. I would like one big snow.

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  9. The Country Mouse

    “F”, mon ami, your leaf rug is a mouse-ter piece!!! C’est magnifique!! Can hardly wait to see the braided finish…it will be outstanding.

    Wendy, your wee hearts are just so darn cute…adorable Valentine treasures or maybe, next year’s Ornies??? Hey, one can live in hope!!

  10. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to hook right now. Unfortunately, I’m at work!

  11. Funny, I’d just been thinking of France, wondering how she was coming with her wonderful big rug and there it is. Absolutely beautiful. I’ll look fwd to seeing what else she is doing.

  12. HI
    THe leaf rug is sooooooooo beautiful what a artist she is! Also love the heart basket gives me an idea to create something, thanks! hugs to you all! even the little mice!,hahah! maybe try hooking them a little door mat maybe they will wipe their feet before coming in! haha!

  13. You’re very nice to the mice! I would be too. Maybe you could just keep the mice in the traps and feed them until spring! Then at least they wouldn’t be breeding. Give them a little mouse bed too! Some leftover wool bits would work!


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