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I rarely post pictures of my cats – usually because they are always asleep. But caught Mr. Fleatwo this morning in this not very elegant pose – what can he be thinking!!!!

Not nearly as cute as the cats in Elizabeth’s finished rug (started in our class with teacher Kathy Clark)…Image

And yes I got out of my funk – must be that Swiss/German heritage that says pull up your socks and stop whining! Do some work! So I hooked a fish (oh that’s pretty punny!). I have suitcases!!! full of fibers that I love to use bits and pieces of in my rugs – well the ones that are not primitive or headed for a floor. I love the texture and little bit of funkiness they add so decided that I would do a colourful, fibrous fish! He is not huge so hooked up really quickly and was fun to do. HPIM5089

Today I am going to work on that Canadiana Challenge!!! Well, I am going to think about it anyway…

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  1. That cat of yours is hilarious. Love the funky fish. The cat rug is pretty sweet as well. I am busy finishing stuff before I start my Scotland project.

  2. So cute! And what have I been doing?? Whipping!!!!! Can’t get my head around pulling loops, hope it doesn’t last!

  3. I love the fish!! I’ve been wanting to do one and especially love yours. Do you sell the pattern?

  4. Linda Henderson

    You’ve caught poor Mr. Fleatwo in mid-hygiene and thus the dirty look.
    The fish is wonderful – amazing how a few loops can result in such a piece of art!

    • Intelligent Mr Fleatwo knew instantly that his invasion to privacy, would soon be public knowledge! Not a pose you generally see hooked on rugs either!!!! Agree with everyone that your funky fish is delicious – lovely job.

  5. Love the fish, especially his eye, your color choices were perfect. Great Job!

  6. Absolutely love your colour choices for the fish!

  7. Your fish is absolutely super. I love the perspective (in your face, sort of). And Elizabeth did a beautiful job of her Kathy Clark. Mine is finished but not in Magdaleina’s way of design. I love it anyway. It was a good class.

  8. Now I’m just not a fan of this

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  9. Looooove your fish, Loretta!! Your colours are inspiring!!

  10. I agree with Cheryl, I LOVE your fish. Glad you are out of your “funk| Betty

  11. Great fish! How is it I’m seeing so much blue, turquoise blue….in your new rugs? Are you coming over to the blue side? What Canadiana challenge? Are you working on last year’s challenge?

  12. May I ask what the Canadiana Challenge is? Intrigued…..


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