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Okay I know I am supposed to wait until April’s Camp Iawah retreat to unveil my Foul Fowl challenge piece but I cannot. I had sooooo much fun hooking and colour planning this piece – my new fave colour plan is dirty old navy, brick red, mustard yellow and olive green. It is a much more vibrant rug than most of my rugs buttttt it will (well would have!) look soooo good in my kitchen area which is mustard, red and green. Of course I had planned to hang it on the small wall area above the arch into the living room but have I ever mentioned how hmmm I don’t plan very well. I thought! it looked the right size but turns out the area where I wanted to hang it is 12 inches and the finished rug  will be 13 once I finish show binding it. So I will have to move things around and find a new spot. Andddd I guess I will be doing another fowl for April!!!

The rug is wide!!!! Until I finish the show binding and can hang it up I can only post the 2 halves – the house is in the middle.  This is one of the MShaw Folkart designs that I carry and I love it!



Soooo have I ever mentioned I am a garbage picker? Besides being a junker? In the woods near where we live was a former fishing lodge – we used to call it the No Tell Motel. It was hidden away on the shoreline and had been abandoned for about 50 years. The only inhabitants were the rat snakes, mice and porcupines! It belonged to a friend of ours and was falling down and rotting. BUTTTTT it was filled with old furniture!!! Of course the porkys had eaten much of it, mice had nested in most of it and it was stinky and mouldy. Well  bad smell and the rotting floor boards never deterred a determined junker! I managed to make it inside about a year and a half ago and rescued a wonderful drawer. It needs some fixing but has wonderful teal (yes Donna – the coveted teal) chippy peely paint on the front and beautiful old brass pulls. I had been using it to store kits at Stitch by Stitch but now have finally brought it home. It will be fixed, drawer pull repaired, sanded and sealed (inside only – Gord mentioned sanding down all my beautiful paint to the bare wood!!!! is he nuts!) and then hung on the wall with a rug inside of it.  Probably in the bathroom as I can then use it as a shelf as well… Ohhhh so exciting!!!! The sad part is that THE NO TELL MOTEL  IS NO MORE! IT WAS BULLDOZED into the ground last summer.  Soooo disappointing that the owner did not tell me before hand – there were still treasures to be salvaged!!!! but I am happy that at least I got this one!!!HPIM5066



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  1. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    love love love the giant fowl…too bad you have to start over with a surprise one 🙂

  2. Do you really have to start over or is that your excuse for hooking another fowl rug? If I don’t get moving my Kathy Clark rooster rug is going to be my fowl rug! I love your rug and yes, I covet your teal drawer!

  3. I LOVE seeing your transformations of junk to treasures !! Keep sending those pictures !!

  4. Love love love the fowl rug! You carry the pattern? How much?
    Brenda 🙂

  5. your foul fowl is of course gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you do to that drawer. I do love the chippy paint on it.

  6. The fowl rug is beautiful, the wool you used is just right. Some people open doors and see junk and we see wonderful objects of antiquity just waiting or a new purpose. Too bad that it was knocked down before you could collect the rest. I think that there is a no tell motel in each town!!


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