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Well RUG hookers that is!!!  Have had a couple of emails in the last few days with pictures of rugs in progress or completed. Must be these cold icy days that are keeping everyone indoors working feverishly at their rugs:

Chris’ pear runner – awaiting a wonderful plaid show binding orrrr hmmm would a braided edge be good?Image 1

Bev’s sunflowers to cheer up a grey day…Image 4Christine’s first big rug – it is wonderful!!!

Image 2
and Rebecca’s cow – love that face! This is all punched with various yarns and fibers…Image 2

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  1. Wonderful works posted! Rebecca’s talents are FABULOUS!!!

  2. WOW, beautiful pieces, I am working on my first piece and wonder how long did it take other hookers until they felt like they had a good grasp on hooking? Right now all I can see is mistakes.

    • Lisa I have only been rug hooking for 1 year and always pick our my mistakes right off but no one else sees them really. Everyone always sees something different in each piece you do, like my rug 1 of the girls I hook with sees it as an underwater garden! What I see in every piece is that I’m getting better and different even as I am still working on the same piece I would do things differently, it is a learning experience each piece you do . Best advice is to have fun and if you are doing something and it really bothers you take it out, hard to do some times but it will bug you if you don’t,hahah! Each rug is a journey! Do something you love, I did!

  3. Oh my, really beautiful rugs. I especially love the pear runner. Whose pattern is that? Do you have it ? And oh, the braided mat! Just love it.

  4. I love this cow. The expression on the cow’s face made me giggle. The pear rug is lovely and has given me ideas about the bench runner I still have to do. wow Christine’s rug is impressive and a first one. Well done! the sunflowers sitting in the middle of that beautiful braided rug made me smile. How lovely.

  5. love all the pieces, but the one that takes the prize is the look on the cows face, amazing.

  6. Thanks Loretta. They all look great!

  7. I’m with Trish, all we’re great but the cow was priceless.

  8. Wonderful work and Rebeccas cow is outstanding-a real show-stealer! Pat Reid

  9. I have to say just love that cow’s face, sure makes you smile!
    Oh and thanks for the comments on my first big rug, feel honoured to have it posted on Loretta’s site! 🙂

  10. I think that cow is saying “CHEESE”. 🙂

  11. Wonderful work by all the “Hookers” I especially love the cow!!!


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