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The Maud is done – bound, labelled and casing attached for hanging!!!! Now back to Foul Fowl…HPIM5062

And in case I did not post this picture – this was Helens completed pillow with prodded fringe. Isn’t it glorious!!!! HPIM4962

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  1. the cats are very funny. Made me smile. the proddy pillow is glorious. So cheerful!

  2. Just love it! What a great job on both projects!

  3. You managed that Deanne look without a problem! Love the Maude rug. Love Helen’s bright and colourful pillow. What will you hook next?

  4. Really darling. Will it be available as pattern? Wish you would talk more about how you did it. I was dying to try her method myself.

    from Belva!


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