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It is such a lovely mild day (compared to the deep freeze we have been going through for the last few weeks) that Gord suggested we have a little outdoor hookin. The armchairs are set up with a wonderful view of the lake ready for anyone who might want to brave the slippery roads and drop by to hook for a while:


Image 1(Gord has SUCH a weird sense of humour!!!)

But seriously this is a great day for hooking – I am finishing off the Maud cats today. Here is a picture of the painting and a picture of part of the rug. The Maud Lewis patterns are available from Highland Heart Hookery in Halifax and are fun to hook (well hmmm except for all those darn trees!!!). I decided that the look I was going for in this rug was not the usual loop after loop look but more of the Deanne Fitzpatrick higgledy piggledy look. I call this technique the Nova Scotia pull where loops do not line up one after another like neat little soldiers (my usual hooking style) but are more hmmm all over the place. Done in a mix of 6 and 7 cuts it has a wonderful texturey look but holy cow – do NOT look at the back!!!!


HPIM5061More to come when it is done.

On Thursday Lisa dropped by to learn how to hook. Well she slipped right into that hooking as if she had been doing it all her life! But she also brought along show and tell – her wonderful little needlefelted critters. Can I confess that I was hoping she would leave that little rabbit here!


HPIM5058Hope you all are having a great day doing something you love and enjoy!

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  1. Hi Loretta, love the Maude kitties…small piece of Maude trivia…did you know that the original early painted cats by Maude had no whiskers? Found this out when I was in Chester NS 2 summers ago at a wonderful antique shop who had one of her cat paintings for sale.

    love the furry creatures too- i want one.

  2. loretta, love your black kitten and ? cherry blossoms? fun.

  3. LOVE the higgledy, piggledy look…very cool! What a wonderful addition to your inventory of stellar designs hooked and shared.

  4. Hookin? I wish? Meanwhile, since the visit I’d planned for tonight is cancelled, I’m happily figuring out how to hook the leaves on my crow with cherries rug. An uninterrupted day? Fabulous.

  5. Wow, these animals are great. I should love to learn to do something like this myself. Going to my hookin group on Monday where I hope to finish one piece at least although I will take two with me.

  6. I forgot to mention that the cat is pretty cute.

  7. Loretta, Can you please save the blue chair for me? And I also need the little table. I’ll be there tomorrow to hook with you and you can sit right next to me in the yellow chair. ”ll share the table with you. I also want to make sure I have a good view of the lake!!! I LOVE Maud Lewis rugs, but have yet to hook them. Do you happen to know if patterns are available in the US? I’d love to purchase one but then the shipping nearly kills me from Canada. Love your post today and that Gord is a funny man!!!!!

  8. LOL. Gord is funny. Different weather-beautiful place to hook and dream! Bonnie

  9. I just love the three black cats. Thank you for sharing these patterns with us, without you I would have never known about them. I want to make the 3 cats and like you want to do it in the Deanne way.. Well some people look at backs I don’t , who really cares. Keep on bringing home those old goodies, I do love seeing what you pick up and what you do with it. I think that is the fun part of looking for treasures is finding a different use for them. I wish I lived closer I would come to hook by the lake.

  10. HI Loretta- I did bring my hooking to Sarasota but have to admit, I have only done a bit- the sun, warmth and white sand have been too much of a distraction. I love the cat piece and I do like the Deanne style. The frame has been working out well-thanks.

  11.  I would love to hook in those soft snow covered chairs. Who knows amybe if it’s cold we would hook much faster and get a lot more accomplished!!!!!




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