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Our company left saturday but oh did we have fun. Went junkin’, ate too much, watched some good movies and HOOKED LIKE CRAZY.

SOOOOO what did I buy. Well I was being really good until I descended into the grimy, spider web covered bowels of the Fleamarket in Perth. Noone but me ever goes there. It has a wonderful earthy smell to it reminding me of the basement in the old houses I spent a number of years in as a child. And what did I spy but the most wonderful mini rocker. It may have been an old old chair that was cut down and made into a rocker. It is sturdy (holds my ever increasing weight) and very primitive and has the most wonderful patina on it. You can see where it has been sat on with feet up on the rungs (probably before it became a rocker) and where it has been carried and the wood and stain worn off. I immediately fell in love but had decided not to spend any more money. Welllllll upstairs I went to drag Gord down to look at it. He liked it – but not as much as me! Well I knew I would get a better reaction out of Helen – YES YES YES YOU MUST BUY IT. And so – I did!!! It is now cleaned and sitting in my living room and awaiting a hooked chair pad in old vintage colours. Isn’t it beautiful? Wellllll maybe not to everyone :-). 


Of course I had to look up primitive antique rocking chairs and found a “nursing” rocker very similar to mine (maybe slightly better condition but nottttt as pretty) for about 750!!!! hmmmmm ….

And what have I been hooking you ask – wellllll FOUL FOWL. For those who have no idea what I am talking about – every spring at our Camp Iawah retreat we set a new challenge for those who WANT to take part. The challenge piece can be hooked, punched, carved, painted etc. Last spring I tried to pawn off my Riverus Otterus Canadiensis as my challenge (Canadiana) piece even though I no longer had it. This year I will hang onto Fowl – since it is a challenge piece I cannot share the full rug with you (well it is not finished in any event) but I can share bits and pieces so here we go…

HPIM5056 HPIM5057

And what is Gord up to today – welllllll he has been “commissioned” to gut and sand my silverware chest which we bought in Cambridge – the “lining” has been removed, the glue soaked and scraped off and then the entire box sanded. Next to paint and fill it with my many packages of Cushing dyes.

Wednesday I will be at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston from 10 – 12. Hope to see you and your rug(s) there…

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  1. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    Dearest Loretta…might just have to report you to the authorities if you are sending poor Gord out to work in the garage today…haven’t you heard about the POLAR VORTEX 😉

  2. I love your rocker. But…… it blue? You may have to give it to me…………need I say more!

  3. Your enthusiasm, junking and collecting delight me. Do you find treasures on the side of the road too? We’ve furnished a house with what my husband refers to as “Cider Road.” Abundance!

  4. The chair is wonderful. I love hearing about your adventures in the antiquing world. I too was an avid hunter of primitive things. Most of those wonderful places have gone around here so I am searching for others. I do find treasures on the side of the road and at the dump.. I am looking forward to seeing your Fowl piece finished, it looks so interesting.
    Freezing in New England, Carole

  5. Love the rocker…if only it could tell it’s stories!

  6. Lisa Giroux-Belanger

    Love you mini rocker, do send us a picture when you’ve attached your own personal touch!Take CareLisa

    Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 13:20:04 +0000 To:

  7. I Picture an old man sitting in the rocker by a wood stove smoking a pipe. Blizzard here-home from work. Perfect day for hooking!!!!!

  8. would love to go shopping with you–you find great pieces!

  9. Love your new rocker. I would just love to go shopping with you. You find the greatest things and we’d have soooooooo much fun. Loving the look of that rug so far, can’t wait to see the whole thing. Love the wools!!!! Happy New Year Loretta!! xoxxo

  10. Hello, love the prim locker. Do you have an address for flea market in Perth? Thanks, Karen Mutter


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