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Despite the inclement weather, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

We were so lucky – I guess we were far enough north of the lakes that the freezing rain did not really affect us too much. We decided to leave the plowing of the roads until Sunday night – by then the worst of the freezing rain was done with. Gord spent 5 1/2 hours in his tractor (enclosed in a heated space with his CD’s) and got the worst of the ice and snow off our road and our elderly neighbour’s. It did take out another sheer pin and bolt but it left our roads nice and ice free and easy to navigate Monday morning when we left for Christmas with my parents.

I was so happy to see Dad up and about and back in his real bed and dressed. The last few months have been pretty stressful for all of us as he seemed to be going downhill but while we were there he was bright and chipper and eating (actually gained 7 pounds since his most recent release from the hospital). He even beat Gord at 2 games of cribbage. So for me it was a wonderful Christmas – not a very traditional Christmas but …

And I actually did some hooking – finished the last of the celtic pillows for Sharon. Yeahhhhhh – I am of German/Swiss heritage – I should be hooking sausages and beer steins not celtic knots :-)… They are stuffed and ready and now … on to the Camp Iawah April retreat challenge – Foul Fowl!HPIM5050

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to Southworks in Cambridge. This is a wonderful! big antique mall housed in old restored factory buildings. Took us a good 3 hours to wander through with eyes peeled. I was looking for old silverware boxes. In the most recent issue of the ATHA magazine there was an article about repurposing these old boxes which seem to abound – gutting them and painting them and turning them into wonderful boxes to house your hooking utensils. Wellllll there were tons of these boxes – big and little – some with drawers and others without. But the price point was much higher than I was interested in spending. Many were in the 20 – 30 dollar range (these were mostly solid wood) and some in the 50 – 80 dollar range (included the silverware) but hmmm I am cheap and was looking for 10 dollars or less and not having much success until eagle eye Gord spotted a whole pile in one booth. Many were damaged or not real wood but holy cow didn’t I unearth one that was wood with dovetailed joints, not finished with laminate or too shiny and  only!!!! 7 dollars!!!!! Grabbed it and ran! Plus we found a lovely vintage rug that had faded to really beautiful old colours. It is hooked primarily of nylon strips and jute (burlap or brin) that had been dyed. It was in amazing condition – no holes and good borders and only about 8 loops that needed to be hooked back in and all for a low low price of 45 dollars. So we zipped up to the cash and brought both of these great finds home with us…

HPIM5049So now we are awaiting company – that means hmmm more  hooking and junking!!!! What a great way to end the year…and start the new one. I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and the best in 2014.

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  1. Time with family is precious. Your trip sounds wonderful. I cannot wait to see what you do with your flatware box–I am addicted to them–most recently for scissors. Had to find a cupboard (pie safe) where I could store them. Continued happy holidays.

    • Oh Pam – there is always a reason to HAVE to buy something!!! loved that ATHA article! I was desperate to find a box and am really happy with mine so once it is done I will post pix… loretta

  2. So happy to hear your Dad is doing sooo much better. We too had a very different but happy Christmas. We ended up being blessed with our second grandson for Christmas. Jace Norman Darling was born @ 3:20 am Christmas morning. He best xmas gift ever, so none of us had any problem putting Christmas dinner and gift opening off to boxing day! We are flying back on the second so I guess I will be missing first guild. I am finishing up Jace’s rug, and Gord has a frame all ready for me.! I will send another picture when it is all framed. Happy New Year!

  3. Always good to hear positive news about parents! Makes a lot of things worthwhile. Your Celtic pillows are magnificent! Love the background colour! May your New Year be outstanding!

  4. These pillows are magnificent. Of course I want to know if these are you patterns or are they available somewhere. I have to hook these myself. Have been looking for a wide cut celtic


  5. German/Swiss….. So how about finishing dancing bears with beer steins? Heh, heh, heh. K.

  6. Sounds like you had a good time with family and shopping. All the best and Happy New Year.

  7. Happiest New Year Loretta and Gord… Hoping to see lost of you in the New Year. Actually unearthed a couple of hooks and a pile of wool from the “dungeon” closet and have them right up front on the list of “get back at it” for 2014. Your inspiring work is pulling me back.

  8. LOVE the pillows!

  9. As someone with Scottish heritage, I think I should be hooking a couple of those wonderful Celtic pillows. Any chance of the patterns and/or kits being made available? Happy New Year!


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