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which will we get? Hmmmmm – all of them!!!! Our departure has been delayed as have many. It has been a bit nervewracking as we watch the weather channel and see what others have to contend with – streets like skating rinks (actually in Kingston someone was filmed skating in the street), power outages, etc. So we have stayed in doors trying to decide when to plow – before the ice rain or after! We decided AFTER was a good idea otherwise our lane way would also have become a skating rink and we would be stuck till spring!!! So I have been reading and hooking –  yup. Finished that Karla Gerard (well it IS only 17 x 11 inches) and am show binding it today. I think I will offer this as a kit as it is colourful but not tooooo bright (still somewhat toned down) but uses a lot of bits and pieces. It was fun to do – I did have to change out a few things – took the light strips out of the sky as they realllllly popped which meant having to hook an outline around a few things, added some “beading” to the roof lines of some of the houses and now I think it is better.

HPIM5047I see not even the deer are out and about today – must be treacherous for them as usually they are outside by 7 a.m. staring at the house and waiting for Gord to feed them – but today nothing… Good day to stay in doors…

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  1. Your Karla piece is adorable Loretta! Be safe & have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Liz from Seeley's Bay

    I like the ‘beading’…it’s like the crystallized details we have on all the trees and buildings in our neighbourhood this morning…glad to know you are safe and sound at Wolfe Lake, and not on the 401 trying to get to K-W!

  3. Staying at home is a good idea.
    We were out for a few hours and then had trouble getting into our gently sloped driveway. You know the story……”If at first you don’t succeed, try at least 5 more times!”

  4. Drove from Quebec to Boston in mostly rain yesterday, not as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, you latest piece does look like fun and a good way to use left-overs.

    I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year. Thanks you for you reports, always enjoy them, keep them coming. Ann

  5. Love the rug. Would love to see a beautiful snow at least once this winter. It was 72 degrees here yesterday but cooler weather is called for.

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  6. What a sweet pattern. The garden looks like it would be fun to hook. As for the weather, we were out for a few hours this morning. Let’s just say, the deer have the right idea! Merry Christmas and safe travels once you head out.

  7. Very cute rug I love your version Be careful on your Christmas trip Your Southern friend Kathy

  8. Love the Karla piece. It really is cheerful. Major storm damage around here and powerless until half an hour ago. Travel safely and be careful


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