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I Lovvvveee converting people to rughooking. It is so exciting to watch someone who picks up a hook and becomes addicted. This past summer my friend Suzanne asked if I would teach her two granddaughters (aged 6) and their mother to hook. Wellllllll I had never taught a 6 year old but oh my it was fun. We drew out their patterns, they picked their wool and away they went. Mom was instantly a convert as well. I recently received pix of their finished projects and a request from Mom to make up a kit for her next project – the girls are working on ideas for their next hooked pieces as well. Here are pix of their finished pieces:


Image 1

Image 2Then last week I got an email from a new hooker in BC – Dale has finished since she picked up a hook for the first time in August – 6 pillows!!! Here are pix of some of her holiday rugs:

Image 3

Image 4Today is our Hooker Holiday Party – food, fun and oh my beating heart – hand made ornie and gift exchange!!!! As I worked on 11 ornies for the exchange I was cursing the person who suggested we should do this (blush – was that me?) but ohhhh today I am sooooo excited. This is always one of my favourite days in December. Tomorrow I hope to post pix of presents and ornies (I know you are all green with envy!)…


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  1. That is so interesting and inspiring about teaching the kids, Loretta. Soak up all the warmth and laughter at your party.

  2. Loretta
    All of the rugs are gorgeous! You must be proud! I would be…..

  3. Elizabeth Worrall

    Love the kids rugs.!
    I’m Red AND Green with envy.
    Merry Hookmas!

  4. Can’t wait to see the ornaments. Hope to make lots of them for Christmas 2014. Would be nice if someone made a paper pattern of different ornaments so we could use up our scrap pieces of linen—-maybe you?

  5. truly charming pieces of art……………..


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