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August was my second blogiversary (is that a word? probably not but it sounds reallllly good). But things got behind a bit and I totally forgot so I have decided to celebrate my second year a little late by reducing all my kits (in stock) by 20%. So if any of the following kits appeal to you please let me know – I will pop them in the mail less 20% (will have to add tax and shipping) to you as soon as possible.

Kits in stock:

Winter Wonderland

Red Bird

Primitive Posies

Tulip Basket

Halloween Stroll

Oakleaf and Pomegranate Chairpads

Pineapple Chairpad

Midnight Beaver

Antique Rabbit


Primitive Rooster

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Half Sunflower

Pot of Red Flowers

Posies and Squares






Coral Bird

Bird on a Branch

Primitive Pennies

Fat Sheep Tote bag

Spirals Purse

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  1. Is there a way to see what kits look like? Tracy

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  2. Can you supply photos and prices?


  3. Hello

    Happy Blog-versary!

    Interested in the pineapple chair pad kit And what is “raven” kit – couldn’t find a photo of it on line?

    How do I order — phone? and paypal?

    Thanks and happy weekend Bev

  4. Hi Loretta, how much is you Red Bird kit minus the 20%?

  5. looking for pictures and prices. Is there somewhere to see them?

  6. Hi! Do u still have kits for: half Sunflower or Winter wonderland! Please let me know. Thanks, Linda

    Sent from my iPad

  7. John & Margie Valberg

    Hi Loretta

    I was wondering if you would be home on Friday. I’d like to drop in and bring a couple of friends with me.

    If you are available could you please tell me the best time and also send me directions I’m good to get to Fermoy!!!

    Cheers, Margie


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