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Ahhhhh what a fun weekend I had – nope I did not hook but had a visit from friend Donna. We spent some time working on a braided edge for her rug from our Kathy Clark (Briarwood Folkart) workshop. I know I have mentioned this before but the braiding is sooooo easy especially if you have braiding tools which allow you to braid without having to press over the edges of your wool. You just feed the 1 1/2 inch strips through your braiding tool (well of course you join allllll your long strips together first) and braid away. Buttttt it is that BUTTING at the end that is always tricky. A little trick I learned from a braiding teacher who just happened to be teaching a class the last time I visited Dorr Mill Store was to make up your braid and butt join it BEFORE attaching it to your hooked rug. That means estimating before hand how many strips you will need to join together and braiding a little more than you actually will need so that you can join it together by unbraiding and under or overlapping the individual braiding strips so that they join together to make the right sized braid and look like they are all one continuous braid. Well I explained all this to Donna and then let her do it herself – I said you will learn this way (haha it was really because I could not remember how to do it myself – I sounded like I knew what I was talking about though!) and here is Donna’s completed rug – isn’t it wonderfully old and antique looking and the braiding is a super finish for the edge:

HPIM4950Once we had finished the rug we decided to treat ourselves by going shopping in Westport – ohhhh I found the  most wonderful carved wooden trees at the Knotty Shop – even Donna, our Master Carving Teacher, said they were a great deal and definitely worth buying! Well did I need any more encouragement – nope! So bought three to add to my carved Santas:

HPIM4951and then off to visit Denise who owns a B&B in Westport but also a wonderful little antique shop in the old carriage house (fancy name for garage!). We got wonderful old chocolate moulds, vintage beakers (Donna the chemistry teacher knows all about beakers) and I bought an old mason jar in a vintage wire hanger. Will fill the mason jar half full and insert a candle and decorate with some greenery for the holidays. I loveeee vintage wire and Denise has some amazing pieces. If you are looking for her in Westport she is across the street from the Village Green and Pinecone.

HPIM4954Now a few people have asked for the address of the Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall so that they can find us this Thursday for our Vendors Day. So sorry I neglected to include this in my last post but here it is – 23 Grenville St. Burritt’s Rapids. We open at 10:30 to about 2:00…

I just wanted to mention I will be holding a Primitive Dye Class February 7 from 10 – 4 with a snow date of February 21. There are 2 spots left…

Well the title of this post is Sauder Village and I have not mentioned ONE WORD about Sauder. I am sooooo excited – a group of 8 of us are heading down next August – girls trip – to Sauder Village to take rughooking classes, see the rugs and BUYYYYYYYY goodies!!!! We have been accepted into our classes, booked our shared rooms and organized driving. I know it is 9 months away but I am already counting down the sleeps…


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  1. Love the braiding, beautiful finish. Your carved Santa will be a unique addition to your Christmas decorations!

  2. The Retreat at Sauder Village looks fantastic. I think beyond my level though. I am wanting to learn braiding for my rugs as well. In fact have a rug that is ready for this finish now. Just happens to be a rooster!

    Good to see this post.

  3. Hi Loretta, if there’s a spot left for the dye class I’d love to come.
    Sounds like you had a great weekend. Donna’s rug is awesome, she must be so happy to have done!!!

  4. Donna’s piece is terrific…guess she has her ‘foul fowl’ challenge done 🙂 I really like the braided edge too…but sounds like it requires math skills that are more familiar to a chemistry teacher than to me! Guess it’s time for me to get on with my own fowl project…but too busy panicking about ornies and such.

  5. Donna’s piece looks great!


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