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or so a friend of mine just said in an email she sent me! Hmmmm have I been out of action that long? Things on the parental front are so so but I have to admit – we have finally been home an entire week – I had almost forgotten what my house looked like – and then I discovered all the hair balls, dust bunnies and recognized it! Annnnnd scurrying of little mice feet!!!! We have been emptying that live trap day and night and usually 2 to 3 mice each time. So out in the cold and dark I would trot, trap in hand to let the little guys go. Welllll usually they were not toooo anxious to leave and when they did finally jump out they would wink at me and race back under the porch and lo and behold an hour or 2 later I would hear rattling in the trap again! UNTIL yesterday when Gord took them a kilometre away and released them into the wilds – today NOTHING.

But ohhhh it is so nice to be home and back into a bit of a routine. I even did a bit of hooking – made up a purse (usually I get these done in about a day but this one took hmmm 3 weeks!):


And friends have been hooking too:

Nancy’s Mitten rug – many of the fabrics used were her mother’s wool kilts…Image

Cheryl-Anne and Anne Marie’s first hooked pieces…HPIM4945

This Thursday our guild in Burritts Rapids (Ontario) is holding an open Vendors Day. We will have suppliers of rughooking wool, patterns, kits etc., yarns and rovings, and other miscellaneous items plus a long time rughooker who is giving up rughooking and selling off all her stash… This is open to the public so if you are near Burritts Rapids at all (outside of Merickville) drop in. Bring your cash and grow your stash! Time to fill YOUR Christmas Stocking!!!!


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  1. So glad to see you blogging! Love the purse! Kathy

  2. Lisa Giroux-Belanger

    Hi Loretta, Great purse, I love seeing your latest pieces. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I’ve finally finished my “Scrappy Sheep”. I’m so hooked now. What kind of cutter would you recommend a beginner hooker invest in? Lisa

    Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 16:34:02 +0000 To:

  3. Love the purse—-What’s on the back? Is it lined with fabric? Glad your critters are gone.


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