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Our Studio Tour weekend could not have been better – the weather was glorious and that brought many visitors to our studios. It was a fun weekend of chatting with people who were visiting our location for the first time, reconnecting with folks who have been coming for many years and oh – having too much fun with my guest artists. I am so lucky to have found a group of artists whose work I love but also who are very special people.

Buttttt…did I get any hooking done – well!!!! not much! But I did finish off a purse flap. I had a ton of dirty worms (not those wiggley guys from the garden) and dug up a free pattern for a purse that Karen Kahle had posted on her Primitive Spirits blog some time ago, adapted it to my own purse design and hooked it. Today I finished it off. It is old and antique looking – kind  of like me! I found a lovely vintage crackly button that worked perfectly et voila –  a finished purse.


On Saturday I will be a vendor at Fleece Festival in Woodstock. This is a fabulous one day event – many fiber artists and vendors in one big location. So if you are anywhere near the Woodstock/London Ontario area try to make it to Fleece Festival on Saturday – hours are 8:30 to 4:00. There will be vendors of felting supplies (my good friend Wendo!), rughooking supplies, yarns and fibers – just tons of stuff.  A good place to treat yourself!!

Soooo, I won’t be posting for a few days but hope to have some pictures to share of FF when I get back…

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you at the Woodstock Fleece Festival.

  2. Thanks, Loretta;
    Have a wild time at the Festival!
    So happy your Studio tour worked out so well.
    Inspiration again……..a pile of worms……..a piece of beauty…… must be VINTAGE to have so may completed so may hooked pieces………

  3. Nice purse. Glad you had a great weekend.

  4. I love how you hooked this pattern. Did you hook into wool or add the wool afterwards?

    • Hi Bethann I actually hooked the flap on linen and then attached it to the top of a purse that i made out of wool fabric so the flap hangs loose and over the front of the bag – does that make sense?… :-)…loretta


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