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So this morning I am posting pix of Cindy Lanevilles beautiful mosaic glass pieces – many are upcycled antiques (do you think my junkin’ is rubbing off on people around me???)…





PLUS this morning I finished upcycling a drawer I had bought from Jillian – filled the top with a Little Scrapper rug (pattern bought from Kathy Clark of Briarwood Folkart) and the bottom with a cork board. I am sooooo pleased with the way this turned out that I may have to keep it :-)))…



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  1. All of these pieces are exquisite. The roosters and cork board are super. I immediately wondered if I had a place in my kitchen to hang it up. Have a wonderful artful day. I hope you have lots of visitors. I would be there if I lived closer. Best to everyone.

  2. Beautiful stained class pieces, where is Cindy from? Close?? Love the Black and white cat which I assume is a platter.

    Have a fun and profitable show.

    • Julie Cindy is from Winchester!!!! not only does she do wonderful work herself but she teaches A few of us have taken hmmmm multiple classes from Cindy and had a lot of fun (but i think i will buy in future!!! :-)))

  3. Have a super day. I love your up-cycled drawer. You were especially creative using the braiding for the edging of the cork board. You can make more, it is sure to sell.

  4. Yes I think you are rubbing off on her as you have on me.

    Thank you for your great work and ideas!

  5. that chicken mat/corkboard piece is FANTASTIC> I imagine it won’t be staying at Wolfe Lake very long at all ! Inspired design Lor.

  6. I want the scrapper drawer! Love it! Love the chickens! Kathy

  7. You have the greatest posts Loretta Baretta!!! (I used to work with a gal for many years named Loretta and we always called her Loretta Baretta). I love the mosaic and what you did with that drawer is really clever. I would have never thought of that. You’ve got a great creative mind!!!! Have a great weekend!! Cyndi


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